Revision Gynecomastia Surgeries

    Revision Gynecomastia Surgeries & Why They Are Performed?

    It is a major shock when informed about the necessity of a revision gynecomastia surgery. Most probably, this would be a total nightmare for 95% of males who had battled with man boobs. However, revision surgeries when it comes to gynecomastia are performed, although rarely. In case required to undergo a revision gynecomastia surgery, that is totally okay since it is done to correct any underlying problem.

    Revision Gynecomastia Surgery, how best can you describe this surgery?

    A revision gynecomastia surgery is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a re-grown tissue. In other cases, the surgery is necessary in case less tissue was removed during the first gynecomastia surgery.

    A gynecomastia surgery is generally performed to eliminate the glandular tissue and the excess fat or skin if necessary. However, in case a less amount of tissue is removed, a patient may feel a lump a few weeks or months after the surgery.

    What Causes the Tissue To Regrow?

    Generally, the use of anabolic steroids, certain treatments and substances like Propecia can trigger a re-development of man boobs.

    Similarly, an elimination of less breast tissue during the surgery can lead to its re-development

    When Is a Revision Surgery Necessary?

    Basically, a surgeon is tasked to remove only the required tissue during the first gynecomastia surgery or else, a crater deformity can develop. Due to this fact, some surgeons may remove less of the tissue which makes a man develop man boobs again.

    On the Contrary

    Not all cases of lumps in the male breasts may indicate a tissue re-growth unless the patient has been taking certain drugs or medications. Therefore, the lump you may feel may indicate formed scar tissue, which is most likely to develop under the nipple. Just like any other surgery, scarring should be expected after a gynecomastia surgery. Most likely, the scar forms after 5 weeks or more.

    Similarly, your complaint may signify a residual swelling, which is common during the recovery period.

    How is the Scar Tissue Treated?

    This scar tissue may not require a revision surgery and with that, your surgeon may inject cortisone, i.e. kenalog to gradually dissolve it. You may have a number of injections to completely dissolve the scar tissue.

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