Recovery tips

    Recovery tips to be kept in mind following the breast reduction surgery

    Planning to undergo breast reduction surgery or recently you got the treatment. No doubt, it can be quite a relief because large breasts can cause neck and back pain. 

    Lie down in Proper position

    For several months swelling is very common and due to this, it is possible that you are not able to see the results. The swelling will be reduced in the way you sleep and sit. 

    For the first weeks, it is best to keep the chest elevated. You should chest area lifted by placing pillows under the torso. When you sit, the chest should be up and sit on the recliner chair or sit on the chair in an upright position. In the night, to avoid flipping you should put pillows on both sides.

    If you are planning to get Breast Reduction Surgery in Vizag then you should consult our surgeon for the best treatment plan.

    Make sure to choose the right kind of bra

    You need to wear a compression garment to keep the swelling down. Once the bandages are removed you need to wear a supportive bra. The bra will keep the breast in position even when you go to bed you should wear it.

    For the first weeks of the surgery, you should not wear the underwire bra as it might irritate the incision or create sores.

    Handling the discomfort and pain

    Following the surgery, there will be pain and discomfort. Every patient handles the pain in a different manner. The doctor will give you the medications which can prove beneficial in giving you relief.

    Physical activity should be minimum

    The first week after the surgery, you should keep the physical activity normal. You should also do short walks and avoid intense workouts for at least 4 weeks. 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery you can get back to your work routine.

    Taking bath after the surgery

    Following the surgery to take a bath can be challenging. It would be better to take sponge baths so that the incisions do not get wet. The surgeon will let you know when you can take a shower. As you are not advised to lift the hands so to shampoo the hair can be tricky. In that case, it would be best to fix an appointment with your hairstylist.

    Eat simple food and increase the intake of water

    Eating the right kind of food after surgery. There is no need to eat junk food or food which has a high content of fat in it. You need to eat food which has a lot of nutrients and sodium in it. You should increase the intake of water as it helps in reducing the swelling.

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