PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

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    PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

    In the last decades, there has been a lot of research and innovation in the field of the hair restoration. In order to relieve the hair loss people, there are few methods that need to follow in order to restore the hair without surgery. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the recent inventions of the last few decades. This is the very effective hair fall solution. India has developed so much in the hair restoration techniques and a large number of patients from different corners of the world visit India in order to obtain the best PRP Therapy in India.

    Let’s take the closer look to know what PRP is?

    PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is the therapeutic and non-surgical option for the people who are suffering from the hair loss problem. This is one of the ultimate options for the people who are searching for the hair restoration. This is effective when the hair loss has been just starting. If there is the extreme level of the hair loss, then hair transplantation is the most effective option. This is appropriate for the baldness or thinning of the hairs.

    How does PRP Therapy work?

    • Human blood contains the mesenchymal stem cells, these are vital nutrients for the growth and development of the various aspects of the body.

    • In the PRP therapy, Platelets which contain these cells are extracted from your body.

    • The cells are treated with the other growth factors, then these are used to introduce in your body. This is specifically introduced in the scalp. This will lead to the better growth of the hairs.

    • Cells are usually taken from your blood, there are fewer chances of the infections, allergies etc.

    How is the PRP Session performed?

    • In the first phase, blood is taken from your body.

    • In the second phase, centrifugation process is performed. This involves the spinning of the blood and the platelets are separated with the help of centrifugation.

    • In the third phase, Platelet-rich plasma which contains all the essential growth factor is injected into the scalp.

    • The number of the PRP session required is dependent upon the surgeon you choose for yourself.

    Is the PRP pain-free process or not?

    Most of the surgeon uses the Local anesthesia in order to make the treatment pain free. This will make the entire process more comfortable.

    What are the guidelines that need to follow after the PRP treatment?

    • There is not any kind of sedation or medication in this process.

    • Once the effect of the local anesthesia has been finished, then you can wash your hairs in next morning.

    • Most of the patients can go home after driving the car with you.

    What is the science behind the PRP treatment?

    • Each and every human has platelets in their blood. Platelets are helpful to create the natural healing process in the human body.

    • This is also responsible for increasing the tissue healing process and this also develops the response mechanism after the injury.

    • Platelets are responsible for aiding and assisting the formation of the new cells.

    • There has been the intracellular structure that involves the glycogen, lysosomes and alpha. All are responsible for the growth and healing of the body.

    • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor is responsible for growing the blood vessels and the replication of the cells.

    • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor is also responsible for the growth of the matrix between the different cells.

    • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor is responsible for promoting the formation of the blood vessels

    • Epidermal Growth Factor is responsible for the growth of the cells, This also promotes the formation of the collagen.

    • Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 takes the responsibility of the growth of the specialized cells. This is responsible for the formation of the blood vessels

    • There are growth factors like Insulin which is responsible for the normal physiology of the cells

    How will the PRP therapy work for you?

    Most of the patients, who suffer from the hair loss problem, always think that whether PRP will work for them or not.Following are the conditions in which PRP will not work for the patients:

    • If you are the heavy smokers, then PRP will not work for you.

    • Regular consumption of the alcohol will not help you to take the PRP treatment.

    • If you are having the history of the drug abuse, then PRP will not work effectively in your case.

    • There are the some of the medical conditions like platelet dysfunction syndromes, hemodynamic instability, thrombocytopenias and hypofibrinogenemia, are not the candidate for the PRP treatment.

    • There are some people who are suffering from the chronic ailments like liver disease, skin and another type of cancer, are not undergone with the PRP treatment.

    • Metabolic or systemic conditions or disorders are main obstructions in taking the PRP treatment.

    • If you are patient who is suffered from the Anti-coagulation therapies, then PRP treatment is not meant for you.

    You can become the good candidate for the PRP treatment if you leave some mentioned things. The most interesting part of this treatment is that there is not any kind of the side effects. There are fewer chances of the infection with the PRP. This is essential to consult the best doctor before taking the decision.

    Advantages of PRP Therapy

    • This is simple and the non-surgical procedure.

    • This process involves the use of the multiple injections. Each and every process take 60 minutes,

    • This process has the safe and reliable results.

    • This ultimate benefit of this therapy is the fastest recovery time.

    • With this, you will get the beautiful and natural looking hairs.

    How much does PRP cost?

    There are only few insurance plans that provide the reimbursement of the PRP injections. The PRP therapy cost in India varies from location to location. This also depends upon the reputation of the surgeon, goodwill of the clinic, and numbers of the sessions required etc.

    What are the potential side effects of PRP?

    PRP process involves the injecting of the substance into the skin of the person. But that substance is taken directly from your blood. Then, this will reduce the chances of the allergic reactions. There may be chances of the infection from the other medications like cortisone or hyaluronic acid. Following are the risks that are associated with the PRP treatment:

    • infection

    • nerve injuries

    • pain at the injection site

    • tissue damage

    You can discuss the risks with the surgeon; he will definitely provide the essential guideline. This will definitely reduce the risks.

    What is the recovery time for PRP injections?

    When the PRP injection is injected, you need to take rest for some time period. Most of the patients can start the routine work after the PRP injections. PRP injections are mostly intended to promote the hair growth. You will notice the immediate difference after taking the PRP injections. After the several months or weeks, you will notice the healing faster and your hairs will grow faster than you had ever thought.

    Can other medical treatments be taken simultaneously?

    PRP is the non-surgical procedure and best for those who are not eligible for the surgery. Most of the medications recommended for this treatment are Minoxidil and DHT blockers. Other medications are not recommended for the PRP treatment.