Post-Procedure Care after Gynecomastia Surgery

Post-Procedure Care after Gynecomastia Surgery

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Men who suffer from enlarged breasts are more likely to opt for Gynecomastia Surgery, which is a procedure for surgical operation to alter the shape of a man’s chest to make it flatter and firmer.

Well, this surgery is considered beneficial to get rid of the glandular tissues hoarded in the chest, but after this treatment, the person who underwent this treatment must follow a proper routine to recover fully from Gynecomastia surgery.

Post-procedure care:

Taking fluid diet

After surgery, it is advisable to take only fluid diet and intake of solid food must be minimal. Even your surgeon will recommend you to include a liquid diet in your meal plan. But after a few days  of days the Gynecomastia surgery, the intake of solid food can be increased in small portions.

Tightness of Bandage

Some surgeons remove the pads after a certain duration of your surgery. But if you still have pads under the bandage and want to tie the bandage again due to its close-fitting feature,then you can dislodge it by visiting a doctor or can shift it under supervision.

Intoxicative  Elements

If you are addicted to alcohol or smoking, then these activities should be restricted after the surgery in the initial days as it will create more complications in  your body.

Taking a bath

The decision of taking a bath usually depends upon your incisions. If, after surgery, the incisions are still open then it is not advisable to take a bath and if needed make sure your bandage does not get wet.

Loose Cloths

Deliberately choose those T-shirts which are loose, so that it won’t choke on your chest and make you uncomfortable. Because when there will be a bandage tied on your chest, the clothes will get reflexively tight so it is better to avoid it at first place.

Dizziness and sickness

Some patients suffer from sickness after having a treatment of gynecomastia, this mainly happens due to the usage of anesthesia during the operation. When these types of symptoms occur, the person should seek medical advice.


It is natural to have pain in the chest after surgery, an individual may experience pain, stretching of nerves, a sudden cramp in his chest. In order to reduce this type of uneasiness, you should avoid sports activities like running, cycling, swimming in your daily routine. Some persons also take painkillers to avoid it, but before taking these medicines, one should take the doctor’s subscription. And gradually, with time, your pain will be reduced so there is nothing to much worry about.

Sun exposure

Post-gynecomastia surgery, your chest should not confront the  sun rays. It is better to avoid sun exposure for an initial four to five weeks, as it will only add to the   swelling effect in your chest. Talk to your surgeon about using sun block cream on your chest whilst moving out in  the sun.