Penis Enlargement: Surgical Procedures & Acquaintance with the facts

Penis Enlargement: Surgical Procedures & Acquaintance with the facts

All About Penis Enlargement

A bigger Penis is a pride for many men. In Indian society, People think, “Lengthy penis implies deeper penetration. Deeper penetrations make the man’s wife satisfied and a Satisfied wife means a man is successful in keeping his marriage as rejoiced.”

Let’s form an Equation:

Lengthy Penis = Deeper Penetration = Wife’s Sexual Satisfaction = Happy Marriage

But what if the Penis is not having the required size?

In those cases, after trying several medicines (medical or herbal), the man chooses the best solution and that is ‘To Get The Penis Enlargement Done With The Help Of The Implants’. FYI, this is the most performed cosmetic surgery in Vizag.

What is the average size of the Penis?

All thanks to the widely prevalent pornography that the people believes that the normal size for the penis must be 12 inches. But that exists in the Porn world only. In normal lives, the average size of the penis is 5 to 6 inches long.

Is it true to say a larger penis satisfies the females the most?

It would be completely wrong to say that it is only the larger penis that satisfies the women. The findings of the surveys are completely different. According to them, about 85% of the women get sexually satisfied with the size their mating partners are having.

Why do some men have a smaller penis?

Some conditions trigger the males to suffer from it:

Micropenis Peyronie’s disease
Lack of the sex hormone (testosterone) before birth leads the males to have a smaller penis. The building of Scar tissue on the penis pressurizes it to be bent. This is categorized as Peyronie’s Disease.

Am I right in choosing the surgery?

Undergoing penis enlargement surgery or Male genital surgery is probably the right move that anybody could take to enhance the appearance of the male genital. The silicone implant is implanted under the penis’s skin to give it a thicker and lengthy look.

How is Penis enlargement related to self-confidence?

Our 40% confidence is built when we are performing well in bed and satisfying the mating partner. So the penis enlargement is linked to enhanced self-confidence and boosted self-esteem as well.

What is Suspensory Ligament Release?

This surgery is performed on those whose penis points straight when they achieve an erection. The small cut is made at the top of the scrotum so that the erection does not look unnatural at all.

Wrap Up!

Don’t be ashamed when the treatment with the possible outcomes is available. Visit Dr C Vijay Kumar who has given a gift of boosted self-confidence and happy sex life to many of the men who were bothered with the deformed and smaller look of the penis.