Minoxidil For Men & Women To Re-Grow Hair

    You may doubt the possibility of restoring your hair in the case when you can’t afford a hair transplant or when hair loss is just starting. Today men and women have less to worry about in case they approach a dermatologist for the effective use of Minoxidil to enhance hair growth.

    What is Minoxidil?

    Minoxidil is a medication that reduces hair fall and improves hair growth among men and women. It is believed to produce the best results in the case of hair loss in women. However, the latest results also show that men with beginner hair loss use the treatment and there are positive results.

    Minoxidil is the main ingredient in Rogaine that leads to the following;

    • Stimulating dormant hair follicles
    • Helps to attain thicker hair
    • Increases the size of hair follicles
    • Slows baldness

    How to make the best use of Minoxidil

    Find a dermatologist

    The treatment is one of the excellent means of retaining hair, but it also has numerous side effects. Minoxidil is in a liquid form and it is applied to the affected scalp area at least twice a day for 3 and half months to observe new hair growth.

    It doesn’t mean that during the 3 months nothing is going on. This is what happens

    • Extended hair loss in the first 2 weeks
    • The ingredient will activate the hair cells
    • New hair will start growing

    Side effects of Minoxidil

    Minoxidil is also used to treat hair loss in men, but one may experience the following;

    • Scalp Itching
    • Scaling
    • Dryness
    • Irritation
    • Burning

    The severity of the side effects depends on the use of the treatment and it may result in complications

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