Little Changes by Cosmetic Surgeons Makes A Woman More Beautiful

    Beauty: the most sought after quality

    Every woman wants to look beautiful all her life. While having healthy habits and lifestyle has its own place in maintaining beauty, surgery has become the fast forward method of staying young and looking ravishing.

    Women stop at nothing when it comes to maintaining their beauty throughout their lifetime. With plastic surgery being readily available to many people, it has become quite a norm. Millions of women prefer to go under the knife for rejuvenating their looks. They are choosing surgery over Botox injection.

    If we go according to the rising statistics,  maximum women are opting for breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction. Botox, teeth whitening and laser hair removal lead the way in the nonsurgical procedures. Liposuction Surgery In India is available at VJ clinics.

    If you are from the same school of thought, don’t jump into the surgery. Read the information we have to offer –

    The surgery doesn’t entail just getting the work done by erasing away the lines of aging. The surgeons the world over carefully study what really makes the women appealing.  seems that we can enlist a few points which mark out the difference between a plain looking woman and a stunning dame.

    1. Angular beauty

    Some researchers believe that an angle of 81 degrees between the central chin and the outer edge of cheekbones makes for a beautiful face.

    Now, if you desire to have a jawline like Kate moss, you will have to go for a natural hyaluronic filler to create a model like looks. The procedure usually takes an hour to perform and the results last for a year. It gives you high cheekbones and feminine looks.

    Add to the facial volume

    The new parameters of beauty reveal that fuller, voluminous face symbolizes beauty while stretched faces are not so appealing. The face starts losing volume around seven years before the sagging starts. The shape of the face starts changing from triangular to rectangular, which is not very appealing.

    Injecting the face with Poly-L-lactic acid stimulates the growth of collagen which lends the face volume and youthfulness. The results often last for two years.

    Small face and narrow chins

    The third criteria of beauty seem to be short faces, narrow chins and jaws which appeal to the people the world over. So if you want the facial structure like that of Penelope Cruz, opt for the carbon dioxide injections.

    These injections remove the fat and sag from the jawline to make it narrower. They also make a short, narrow chin to make the woman more appealing. Jaw correction and nose job may follow.

    Innocence rules

    According to research, the faces with wide foreheads, large round eyes, and a small nose were considered the most attractive. If you go by the fan following of many famous models like Helen Hunt and Tyra Banks, you will understand what we are saying. Brow lift surgery can help you in getting a high hairline and an innocent looking face. It helps in lending the rejuvenating the looks.

    Lip Appeal

    Full lips are another feature which gives attractiveness to the females. Studies reveal that the women in which the width of the mouth is half the width of the jaw appear to be more attractive. Smooth fillers which help in creating plump lips, which lasts for a longer time. A well-done lip job will make the lady look more luscious than ever.

    Eye surprise

    When the people were asked about the beauty concept related to the eyes, it was concluded that people preferred slightly wide-set eyes free of any dark circles.

    Filling hollows make the person look more youthful. Botox may be used to smoother the space between the brows.

    Dark eyebrows and lashes

    When it comes to brows, the arched and dark ones are attractive while the sparse thin ones don’t appear so attractive.  Special creams which make the lashes fuller and thicker are used to enhance the lashes.

    Skin issues

    If the skin loses its bright tone and luminosity, the woman appears to be unattractive. Blotches, sallowness, acne and age spots might add to the problem. Anti-pigmentation skin peel does the magic of improving the skin tone and enhancing its color.

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