Lips correction surgeries for the larger lips

    Lips correction surgeries for the larger lips

    Plumy lips are always considered to be sexy. If you are having larger lips, these can interfere with the eating, drinking and speaking. If you think that your lips are too large, lip reduction surgery is the best approach for you.

    Lip correction surgery in Visakhapatnam is the permanent treatment of reducing the lip size. This correction procedure may be performed alone or it can be performed with other cosmetic plastic procedure.

    Lip correction procedures may be surgical or non-surgical. Their main goal is to alter the size of the lip. There are two types of the lip correction surgery.

    • Lip reduction: This is the surgical procedures to reduce the enlarged size of the lips. You can go with the lip reduction surgery if you are facing following issues:
    • Lips are bigger than the normal size
    • If you are excessive skin
    • If you are having asymmetric lips or traumatic scaring

    Congenital defect

    Consultation: During your consultation with the surgeon, he will examine your smile and speak. He will decide the amount of the excess tissue to be removed. He will consider your goals at how much extent you require the correction of the lips.

    Preoperative instructions: Your surgeon will advise you to stop smoking for at least 4 weeks. You also have to skip certain medication like aspirin etc

    Procedure: Lip reduction surgery is the best cosmetic surgery in India. This is done under local sedation and the time period of this surgery is between 30 to 40 minutes. In this surgery, your surgeon will cut the inner sides of the lip. Excessive amount of the fat and soft tissues are removed

    Recovery instruction: after the treatment, the person will recover within 7 to 10days. The number of the days is dependent upon the extent of the swelling.

    Risk: There is the risk of the bleeding and infection. These can be easily controlled but asymmetry, numbness, and lumps cannot be easily controlled.

    • Lip augmentation: This may be surgical or non-surgical. This is used to enhance the upper or lower lip to make the fuller lips appealing.

    Indication. Fat is the best material for the lip augmentation. This completely reduces the risk of the rejection that is common in other synthetic fillers. You also skip the aspirin before the treatment

    Procedure: this is done by the specialized plastic surgeon and this is done under the general anesthesia. It releases multiple growth factors like the creation of the natural tissues.

    Recovery: It requires three weeks of the recovery period.

    Risk: This is the low risky procedure. The chances of the allergic reaction are totally zero.

    Recovery instructions. The lips tend to swell heavily following the procedure but shall subside in a few days to 3 weeks. The outcome is supple and natural lips. Sometimes, there may be lumping and scaring effects. But all can be cured by the specialist surgeon. There is no need for the worry. This is the successful technique and has high success rate.

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