Which is the Best way to Discard the Superfluous Body Whale - Like Fat?

Liposuction Surgery in Chodavaram, Liposuction Surgery Cost in Yelamanchili

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    Liposuction Surgery in Chodavaram, Liposuction Surgery Cost in Yelamanchili

    Which is the Best way to Discard the Superfluous Body Whale – Like Fat?

    Everyone wishes to have a fabulous body that one can flaunt in front of everyone, one that others will also crave for having. How do you do it? In case you are born with a model figure, nothing like it, in case you are not, then you need to work upon it, as early as possible. What? You have been working out but, still, the results are next to nothing, neither does being on a diet help you. Well! Then the last option I can think of you is just getting a surgery done. Have no idea how to go about it? Why worry? When I am there to help you. It’s a little long post, so take all your time and then go about reading it. Liposuction surgery in Yelamanchili is gaining much importance.

    Everyone’s body has some of the other problem areas- breadbasket (also called stomach or tummy, in simple terms), femur (thighs), cervix (neck), biceps (upper arms), along with waistline (love handles), to name a few, These are the places where it gets very difficult to lose weight, no matter how much you work out or diet.

    Operating v/s non-operating

    These non-operative treatments are performed very quickly, with no recovery period, unlike their counterparts (liposuction, or other surgeries).

    These leave the patients with slight feelings of unrest messes and discomfort, they can be performed within no time, nonsurgical cannot be performed on all body parts, and neither do they work for a long-term basis, as opposed to other cosmetic treatments. They also need many more treatments, to get the desired results.

    There are a few side effects which work in line with these methods; most of them are low on risk than the usual procedure. While some non-operating processes can cause pain, most of the patients are heard to be saying, that they feel minimal discomfort.

    Cryolipolysis or cool Sculpting

    Have you ever thought of getting all your body fat frozen? What? You are hearing about it for the first time. Ok, let me try telling you more. It is the world’s most popular non – surgical way of reducing fat from the body, it uses controlled cooling to remove fat.

    The process reduces the fat cells to a temperature around 4degreeC so that the cells crystallize and later on to kill them. One time later, the body starts processing and throws away dead cells.

    It is a non-surgical process, also doesn’t require anesthesia, needles, or anything of that sort. Some patients require many treatments, but it’s not easy to get the results in just one session.

    A word of caution here, the patient has to be careful about swelling, bruising, cramping, itching, and aching.

    The best candidate: You will be considered a good candidate for the process if you have trouble losing weight from the lower abdomen, the inner part of the thighs, chin or waistline.


    Sculpture tries to give the same results as CoolSculpting, but with a different approach, unlike CoolSculpt, this does not freeze cells, but heat is used in this case to destroy the fat cells. During the sculpture session, the candidates are placed over the treatment area, with the help of a laser; fat is heated in the treatment area. Once the cells are damaged, the fat cells are cleaned away by the body’s lymphatic system. The full results are becoming visible in a time of 3 months. The process takes over 25 minutes or so to get completed.

    Not many side effects are seen via this technique.

    The best candidate: SculpSure is not a weight loss treatment, rather a body contouring process. It is a fat removal process, recommended for those who want to have a skin tightening, sculpting and defining.


    Zerona, also called Zerona Z-6, has been specifically designed; it is a noninvasive body contouring technique, which makes use of a laser to combine adipose tissue. Patients are advised to have six painless treatments comprising of 20 minutes, each. In this process a cold laser dissolves fat cells along with membranes, leaving other cells, as it is.

    A patient may lose up to 3.6 inches from waist, hips and thighs.

    The best candidate: It is great for those having a particular problem area, but are not overweight. Patients are advised to go on a strict diet before and after treatment.


    It is very much similar to SculpSure and CoolSculpting, in the sense that it uses controlled temperature techniques along with radio frequency energy to commence fat loss. The process gives body sculpting and circumferential reduction using various temperatures to dissolve the tissue. It is used for both smaller and larger areas of the body.

    It is a good choice for those who have trouble spots along with visible fat bulges, in areas like the abdomen and flanks. Many patients come to know the final results in just 3 months time along with visible improvements after a few weeks.

    Many patients complain of mild redness, and softness, around the treatment area, post-treatment, but all these go away in a week’s time.

    The best candidate: It is a good option for people having BMI of less than 30 and stubborn fat in tissue in the abdomen, back and waistline and other parts of the body.


    Liposonix calls for reducing size in a just single sitting, the sitting takes around one hour, if not more. It is a very safe, non- surgical method, which uses high – intensity forced ultrasound energy to take away fat from the abdomen, and waistline.

    The side effects are very slight; they include pain, swelling, redness, and bruising. Liposuction surgery clinic in Chodavaram is one of the best.

    The right candidate: Just like another process, even this is not for everyone. It should only be done by those who have an excess of fat around the waistline, that doesn’t seem to vanish with diet or exercise.

    Liposuction surgery cost varies from clinic to clinic.