Is Cosmetic Surgery Becoming a Necessity?

    When you look at the current statistics of cosmetic surgery in India you will find that the practice is now part of the public. More and more people are heading in for liposuction, dermal fillers, Botox, breast reduction, lip enhancements, chemical peel treatments among others. Has anyone seen this? Surprisingly, the practice is now becoming a norm and tolerable than in the past.

    According to the best plastic surgeon in India, the cosmetic surgery field is a boom because of the expertise depicted at the end of each surgery. In the real sense, the surgeries are now safer and require a low downtime compared to the past. A patient can undergo liposuction today and within a few days, he or she is back to a normal routine.

    The surgeon also explains that the sector is soaring because it is seen as an alternative to numerous body image issues that natural remedies fail to eliminate. Imagine a woman with over-sized breasts that regularly induce pain and discomfort. Herbal medicines can reduce this size and also eliminate the excess skin that is left behind. That is how cosmetic surgery fits in.

    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery as a Playground!

    The rise in the demand for cosmetic/plastic surgery can’t be stuck to a single fact. Some individuals believe that the demand is generally because of the way it is advertised, whereas if you take another look from a different angle, the demand is because of the need.

    No one with perfect breasts can head to a cosmetic surgery clinic in India to have a boob job. For what? Unless there is a deformity or a desire to make a few changes, that’s when an individual can head to the clinic for the surgery.

    That takes us to what is termed- “body image”. Development, awareness, and lifestyle are key factors for a rise in plastic surgery. Currently, patients cut several pictures of celebrities from social media to show them to a surgeon because they desire something similar. Nowadays people desire- #Kylie lips, Winslettey chin, RiRi face and so on and the only way to attain them is through cosmetic surgery.

    With that, it is also becoming a trend for cosmetic clinics to avail offers on several surgeries and treatments during special holidays. There, you will see seasonal promotions and advertisements that come as an opportunity for some patients to obtain these treatments. The fact is that these surgeries are definitely expensive and such offers are seen as lifetime gifts. You will also notice patients decide to undergo an eyebrow lift or chin lift as a year’s special Diwali gift to themselves. When it’s lover’s day “Valentine’s Day”, you will also see many decide to go for teeth whitening, skin treatments, lip fillers, Botox, or liposuction. Such is definitely the trend these days.

    A Word to a Wise

    The cosmetic surgery field is more or less like the medical field, but have you realized that companies don’t advertise for medicines the way the cosmetic field parades it’s special surgeries on the Internet? This should come as a warning to patients who seek the surgeries.

    Choose a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic with a professional surgeon whether it is a simple surgery or a combination of surgeries. We have seen several cases of faulty boob implants that explode in public because of inexperience. Apart from this, recklessly performed cosmetic surgeries can cost your life.

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