Necessary precautions to take before

    What are the most important things you need to consider before a hair transplant?

    No doubt, a hair transplant is one of the best treatment plans for saving your hair locks, the magic of hair transplant has and continues to help the patients dealing with hair loss. Hair Transplant in Vizag is the most preferred option among adults to boost their confidence which seems to be getting lost due to bald looks or starting to look older as compared to their age.

    Additionally, the Hair Transplant Cost is extremely on the affordable side which is the major reason that the patients prefer to get this treatment. Bear in mind, certain things need to be careful about before the hair transplant surgery so that you get to see the desired results you want. Let’s talk you through the important precautions which should be taken before the hair transplant.

    Necessary precautions to take before the hair transplant surgery

    Keep in mind, taking minimal precautions before the surgery is the right way to get the best results. Don’t be negligent as the doctor will guide you with everything that you have to do on your part. Whether it is before or after the surgery. You need to be cautious of what you do, otherwise, the hair growth will get impacted adversely.

      • Make sure that you stop the intake of any sort of medication one week before the surgery. Certain medications can lead to bleeding during the procedure. Your doctor is going to tell you to stop the use of ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin B or E, anti-inflammatory drugs, or any other sort of blood thinner.
      • In case you are taking coumadin, MAOI, Vitamin E, or Plavix then it is essential to stop them right away.
      • Do not smoke before the surgery and even after that because it will impact the blood flow to a great extent. The cigarette smoke is going to make the blood vessels narrow down and then the blood flow is impacted to a great extent. The nicotine present in cigarette smoke is the major culprit that your hair transplant results can get affected.
      • At least 72 hours before the surgery, you need to stop the alcohol consumption. For 2 to 3 weeks you need to stop the intake of alcohol.
      • If you have any sort of health issue then it is important to tell the surgeon about the same. In case you have health issues like sleep disorder, blood clotting, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, diabetes, asthma, and psoriasis then the doctor should be stopped.
      • In case you have to take any medication then you must tell the doctor. Especially if you are at present taking Propecia or finasteride then you need to tell the doctor.
      • Shaving the scalp is not required to be done before the surgery. Ideally, it is best to not get the haircut 2 weeks before the surgery.

    Get your doubts cleared: Schedule the appointment

    If you have any doubt, then it is important to consult the doctor and understand better what you have to do before the surgery.

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