Why Hymenoplasty is so popular among women these days in India?

Hymenoplasty: Why Hymenoplasty is so popular among women these days in India?

Hymenoplasty: Why Hymenoplasty is so popular among women these days in India?

What is Hymen?

A hymen is described as a pinkish membrane that plays an important role to block the vaginal entrance. In addition, a hymen is also known as vulva, which acts as the gateway to the vagina. Moreover, it is generally found inside the vagina and the size of a hymen is half an inch.

What is Hymenoplasty?

It is basically a cosmetic procedure which is designed to construct a hymen similarly as a natural one. Additionally, it is useful to regaining virginity after losing it. In this process, your surgeon repairs the remnants of the torn hymen which are further used to restore natural hymen. When the edges combined with each other during recovery you are able to maintain your virginity. This is the process which is totally safe and secure because it does not have any side effect also have less recovery time. Moreover, this procedure is completely safe since it has no scarring and any other sign of side effect. At last, after getting this procedure, during your sexual intercourse you experience bleeding similarly as virgin girls who do this first time.

Who is the good candidate for hymenoplasty?

Additionally, this is also useful for girls who want to present them as a virgin girl on their first night after marriage. Moreover, many people choose this hymenoplasty in India due to cultural and religious factors because their culture does not allow them to intercourse before marriage. But these are not only reasons, but some girls also follow this treatment when they met with an accident or due to injury. Sometimes, many girls who play sports get this treatment in order to maintain their virginity.

Reasons for hymenoplasty

There are several reasons behind this hymenoplasty such as cultural and religious factors, injury to the hymen, psychological factors, and revirgination.

Cultural or religious reasons

The main reason for hymenoplasty is a cultural and religious factor because of many people afraid of disapproval. In addition, Indian culture does not allow them to get involved in intercourse before marriage. This is the procedure which gives them 100% successful results.

Psychological healing

If a girl is suffered from sexual abuse or rape, then this procedure will give her a chance to get back her virginity. In this way, you are able to reduce the risk of mental disorder because it is a totally safe and daycare process. If you do not want to tell anyone this procedure only takes 40 minutes to do.

Injury to the hymen

If a girl met an accident and suffering from the problem of injury to the hymen. Then this is the procedure which gives them real comfort and relief. You must visit the doctor first and then go for the treatment.


When a woman wants to begin a relationship with a new partner, in this way this is the treatment which gives you better results.