Do Not Take Your Hair Loss Problem As a Joke

How To Know That You Will Go Bald One Day

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    How To Know That You Will Go Bald One Day

    Hair is very important, though we may all have different attitudes towards it, there is one thing that remains and that is that it is a source of beauty for most women. Men can go with short hair or certainly with bare heads, but that is not the story with most women. Most women would love to keep their hair and style it in any way as they wish.

    What is the cause of hair loss?

    Some may think that hair loss is just a disease or a hair disorder, but the truth is that hair fall or loss is part of nature. Just like a snake sheds its skin almost twice a year, so does a human being lose his or her hair. Even other species lose hair due to different reasons.

    Human hair has a cycle with mostly 3 stages and in one; you will experience hair loss as long as you are above the puberty stage. This is regardless of your nationality or your sex. High levels of DHT and a high sensitivity will naturally increase the rate of hair loss.

    How should I know that I will go bald one day?

    This may sound like a funny question, but according to my experience prevention is better than cure and I also heard someone say that I wish I knew is a…! So, as we know that hair loss is part of us, things that we do in our daily life should be targeted at preventing hair loss and in case it had to happen due to genetic reasons, the damage shouldn’t be that much big.

    There are beliefs that one can take hold of a hair transplant in India to overcome hair loss, but the truth is that it all goes down to our habits

    Less Sleep

    We tend to think that those who sleep for 7 hours a day are lazy but that is not the case for every individual. There are fellows who will sleep for 4 hours or less just because they were watching movies or a game. I am sure that even a hard-working man will think about his health which will trigger him to sleep for at least 5 or 6 hours a day. This will facilitate effective hair growth for more years

    High intake of creatine supplements and anabolic steroids  

    Creatine and other depression or anxiety drugs are commonly used by weight lifters or those who want to get happy moods.  These increase DHT in the body and when you have a high sensitivity, the rate of hair loss will increase

    Stress and Smoking

    When some are stressed, they resort to smoking and consuming alcohol in greater quantities. This is only going to disturb the hair cycle, causing anagen effluvium and telogen Effluvium.

    Solutions to hair loss

    I bet, when one does the above, he will buy some more years before he or she experiences drastic hair loss. Simple treatments like Rogaine, Finasteride, have proved to be an ideal solution to hair loss even before one gets a hair transplant. Altering our habits and living a healthy life can also reduce the extent of hair loss

    To watch the live hair transplant procedure, watch out this  video