How to wash the hair after a hair transplant

    How should the individual take a head-bath after undergoing hair transplantation?

    The patients do have so many questions after they undergo the hair transplant in Vizag. Their questions usually reflect how afraid they are of making the whole hair transplant cost go in vain. So in our today’s blog post, we are going to answer one such important question:

    How am I supposed to wash my hair after the hair transplantation procedure?

    Here are some of the important tips on how you should wash your hair.

    Do not wash your hair for 2 days at least

    According to the doctors, the patients should not take a head bath for at least 2 days after undergoing the hair transplantation. But if positive, the patients should try to avoid the same for at least 5 to 7 days. In the first week, the hair is still fragile and at risk of getting dislodged.

    Try to be very gentle with your hair

    When you are permitted by the doctor to undergo the hair transplantation procedure, then try to be immensely gentle with your hair. So not rub them aggressively. Make sure you are not scrubbing.

    Do not use a shower

    I know it will be difficult for you, but gradually you’ll become accustomed to it. After all, it is only a matter of a few days. Make sure that you are not putting your head directly under the shower. Use a mug and bucket to wash your hair.

    Gentle Rubbing

    To emphasize the point, we are again mentioning that the patient should not be aggressively washing the hair. Have little drops of the shampoo in your hand, and then allow your hands to gently massage your scalp.

    Do not use the non-prescribed shampoo

    The doctor will prescribe you some of the dermatologically tested products which will not produce any negative impact on your scalp.

    Do not aggressively wipe off the water

    Do not use aggressive towel techniques to drain out the excess water. Let them be dried on their own.

    Do not use the hairdryer

    When you have washed your head, then make sure that you are not using any hair drying equipment. It will put pressure on the transplanted hair follicles to get dislodged.

    Some additional post-operative care tips

    Since it was your recovery period, so you should be keeping up with the post-operative care measures like the following:

    • Make sure to eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables daily. (Your scalp needs nutrition)
    • Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.
    • I know, it will be an utmostly discomforting condition in which it is itching vigorously but you are not able to scrub, but still, you should keep a good hold on your urge to respond to the itching sensation.
    • Do not go out in the sun. But if it is too necessary or urgent, then make sure that you are wearing some of the protective headwear.

    Final Comments!

    Post-Operative Care after the hair transplantation procedure is very important for the success of the procedure. If you do not follow any care measures, you will find yourself facing serious complications.

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