How much is the total count of hair grafts for hair transplant treatment?

How much is the total count of hair grafts for hair transplant treatment?

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    How much is the total count of hair grafts for hair transplant treatment?


    One of the most important questions asked by the patient during a consultation for Hair Transplant Vizag is, ‘How many hair grafts do I need?’ This helps to understand how effectively the bald spots or thinning area can be effectively covered. To let you understand your concern about this factor, we have shared all the necessary details in this blog.

    Online Graft Estimates or “Graft Calculators”

    Well! To start with people get confused about what they should choose between these 2. You will come across different types of charts or calculators to check the total number of grafts you need for hair translation. Although they can be helpful and give you a rough idea about the graft requirement.

    One of the widely and simply accepted tools is known as ‘Norwood Hamilton’. Through this it allows you to understand the total number of grafts you need. In this case, the hair loss pattern and level are used to access the graft requirement. If you are on Norwood Level 2, then it means you need ‘X’ number of grafts and there is no need to access further data

    Why should you not always rely on online graft estimation?

    It is pretty clear because it provides the estimation of the graft number depending on the hair loss and the psychological or anatomical features into account. It is important to understand that for every patient the need for total grafts is different. It is not possible that the patient with dark hair or pale skin-tones will need a similar number of grafts. For every patient, the total number of graft requirements will vary a lot. Your doctor will plan the treatment by determining various factors like hair health, level of baldness, donor availability, overall health, and all other factors that are taken into consideration to tell you about the total grafts you need.

    How can I get an Accurate Estimate?

    As it is pretty evident that different factors are taken into account to determine the total number of grafts to cover the bald spots or thin hair. You must talk to an experienced hair surgeon. Only an experienced surgeon will be able to tell you the correct approach which needs to be followed. They will tell you about the exact number of grafts you need depending on your situation.

    Moreover, they have all the necessary tools and best treatment approaches to effectively transplant the hair grafts on the problematic area. It is important to understand the donor area is finite, so only choose the surgeon who has the skills to use the hair grafts precisely and effectively.

    Get in touch with the doctor

    If you are facing hair loss issues, then make sure to get in touch with our hair experts for more precise information. The hair doctor will tell you the total number of hair grafts you need. Most importantly, your treatment plan will be customized depending on your condition, so that the treatment outcomes are perfect.