Did you know about your hairs, if not then read this

How much do you know about your hair?

How much do you know about your hair?

Most of us are only aware of the fact that we grow hair and that the body is filled with hair, especially in men. Well, that is good, but the mysteries of hair can simply be explained as below to get a clear picture of the kind of hair that humans have.

Hair and the body in man

Man grows hair and it is a product of a hair follicle. Hair mostly grows on the scalp and this hair grows faster than the rest of the hair on the body. Likewise, its texture and color may slightly be different from the rest of the hair. Hair in humans has three stages and within these stages, the hair grows, becomes dormant and then breaks. This cycle repeats its self until one dies.

The hair follicles have an inner and outer sheath that determines the shape of the hair and the cortex and the medulla consist of cells that give hair its natural color in each individual. The Genes influence the quality, cycle, and density of hair in individuals and that is why some have more and strong hairs while others have the opposite.

Why hair fall happens in humans

Just as a snake sheds its skin, so does human hair fall off. This is a natural process though if other circumstances are the cause, this becomes abnormal. At times, hair loss problems are influenced by genes, whereas in other situations triggered by external factors. Things that damage the hair shaft and lead to hair loss include;

Genetic factors

  • Genetic abnormalities

  • Fragility

  • Hair quality

  • Male or female pattern baldness

External factors

  • Trauma and injuries

  • Frequent styling of the hair, which exposes it to more heat

  • Use of dye

  • Ponytail hair styles

Facts about hair

  • A poor approach to hair treatments through hair products will only increase hair damage and that is why it is important to know the one’s hair anatomy before you embark on any treatment or hair products

  • Some have a longer anagen phase (growth) that is why they grow more hair than others

  • Defects with the hair stem cells affect hair growth to a larger extent

  • Thick and tough hair follicles normally reduce the rate of going bald

  • A high DHT hormone will increase hair loss

The latest hair restoration method (Hair Transplant)

As we are all aware of the trend, hair transplant in India is one of the permanent means of restoring hair in the bald region or the thinning area to increase the density.

Hair transplantation is a system of selecting DHT resistant hair follicles and then implanting them into the tiny incisions made in the recipient (bald) region. This procedure produces remarkable results since there is also facial enhancement (looks).

A proper approach to this particular hair restoration will help one to fully grow hair and forget about baldness. The process of hair growth begins with hair shedding after implantation and after 2 or 3 months, the new hair grows.