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    How long does it take for the hair transplant to show up the results?

    Undergoing Hair transplant in Vizag will fill your minds with so many questions regarding post-operative care and the total time required for your scalp to achieve fuller and natural growth. Don’t worry, if your questions are not being answered by any websites, while we are here for you.

    What can you expect 2 weeks after the hair transplantation?

    The first two weeks after the transplantation are the most crucial days. After that, you can expect the transplanted hair to shed off. This is completely normal and part of the successful procedure.

    The hair begins spotting while keeping the root part (follicles) intact.

    Did you know?

    • With shedding, the new structure of the hair forms. And yes, that is even stronger and healthier than the transplanted hair.
    • And from the starting of the second week to the end of the month (after hair transplantation) no more drastic changes will take place.

    What happens after four months?

    The lost hair starts to grow again which will lead to a condition known as folliculitis.

    • Why does this happen?

    Because the regrowing hair is fragile and incapable of penetrating the scalp.

    • What if the discomfort becomes unbearable?

    In that case, you are suggested to immediately see the doctor.

    • Will it get improved?

    Yes, sure! It is not going to stay lifelong. Lol!

    Within 10 days, the symptoms of the folliculitis will seem to be getting improved.

    What to expect in between the 4th and 8th month?

    This is going to be a gladdening period for you. As the hair in this period will experience a growth at a higher density.

    • What’s more satisfying?

    The newly grown hair will experience great improvement in the following terms:

    • Pigmentation
    • Strength

    What to expect after 8 months?

    After 8 months, you can not expect the new hair to keep on growing. They stop by this time. From this period onwards, you will be able to see the results. But yes, a little more time will be required for the minor adjustments to take place.

    How to speed up hair growth after hair transplantation?

    To speed up the hair growth, it is necessary for you to follow the subsequent tips:

    • Diet

    Diet plays an important role in all sorts of recovery periods. You have to make sure that you are taking a balanced diet which benefits you with all the nutrients required by your scalp to trigger hair growth.

    • Do not skip any dose of the medications

    The doctor will prescribe you certain medications to fasten the recovery period and make it emerge effectively. You should not miss even a single dosage.

    • Oil Application and massage will be helpful

    Try to give your scalp a gentle massage with the essential oils (prescribed). It will help you to attain effective results.

    • Do not engage in any of the strenuous activities

    Aftercare is quintessentially indispensable after the hair transplant which accounts for 50% in making the procedure a huge success. So it is advised not to do anything that makes the results deteriorate.

    You are supposed to stay from the activities that cause you to sweat.

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