How does chemotherapy affect hair?

How does chemotherapy affect hair? How to reduce its effect on hair?

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    How does chemotherapy affect hair? How to reduce its effect on hair?

    No doubt, chemotherapy is one of those treatment options that help patients to get rid of cancer. But every good thing has a cost. So is ‘Chemotherapy.’ We have to pay for our hair as the cost for the cancer treatment. This is the super-strong treatment that produces the direct impact on the hair follicles. But no worries, as long as hair restoration procedures like hair transplant are available to give us our looks back.

    Did you know?

    90% of the chemo patients who are suffering from one or the other kind of hair loss problem, usually go for a hair transplant in Vizag since it is the last resort treatment available for chemo patients.

    Do not take even a bit of tension regarding hair transplant cost. It is economical enough that it would fit in your pocket without disturbing the home budget.

    Please note:

    Some chemotherapy drugs may cause the patient to lose hair. But to consider that ‘All the chemo drugs are responsible for hair loss would be wrong.

    Is the hair loss caused by chemotherapy permanent?

    No, not at all. The hair loss caused by chemotherapy is never permanent. You will start encountering hair growth once the entire course of the treatment is over. But for regrowth, you need to be very very patient. Since it takes time for the hair to grow to the fullest. And also initially the hair is extremely thin.

    How to take care of the hair during Chemo-Treatment?

    Following are some of the important ways with which we can take care of the hair during the chemo treatment:

    • Cut your hair shorter

    Before you start the treatment, it is always suggested that you should get a new haircut that is not only short but also easy to maintain. By this, it will be convenient for you to make the hair loss appear less noticeable.


    You are also suggested not to pressurise or strain your hair by tying the tight ponytails, plaits or other tight hairstyles.

    • Protect your scalp

    To make sure that you are protecting your hair follicles from getting further damage, you have to take a very good look at the hair follicles.


    First and foremost, it is suggested that you should not go out in the sun. If there is an emergency and you need to go, then it is advised to wear a hat or scarf so that you do not let the harmful UV rays harm the follicles.

    • Go for the scalp cooling method

    It is one of the most effective methods to make hair loss emerge at a lower rate. In this method, a cap which is usually filled with the cold gel is placed over the head to make sure the blood vessels get narrow and the less amount of medicines reaches the scalp and affects the hair follicles.


    • Our dietary plan

    No matter whichever problem we are suffering from, the eventual effective treatment option which all the doctors’ guide is hair growth and hair loss.