Hair Transplant Best Solution For Pattern Baldness

Here is the Ultimate Solution to Your Balding Scalp

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    Here is the Ultimate Solution to Your Balding Scalp

    We all want to look good and trust me; every man wants to stay at the knob. With that, everyone is trying to defy his or her age by using expensive skin products, opting for supplements and even shedding some weight in any way possible. But, during this struggle, another rival continuously dares to take the lead and that is none other than Mr. Alopecia.

    Hair loss is a common scalp condition, certainly different from seborrheic dermatitis and related scalp issues. Onset hair loss is commonly unnoticed and many victims will take it for granted only to take action when a bigger havoc is created. Normally, a receding hairline is the first indication of hair loss in males, whereas, in females, it may be hard since female hair loss generally occurs in a diffuse manner.

    With that, a number of hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil, and therapies won’t do any good in restoring the lost hair, but rather, a hair transplant.

    How Does this Treatment Approach Work?

    This treatment approach basically begins with a scalp evaluation, normally conducted during your first consultation. The doctor will identify the level of hair loss and try to understand the actual cause.

    For a majority of males, androgenetic alopecia is the underlying issue. This type of hair loss generally runs in families and therefore, it is genetically triggered. With other types of hair loss such as, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, and traction alopecia, your doctor may decide to prescribe other treatment approaches to analyze the results, after which he may recommend a hair transplant.

    A hair transplant is a surgery, but a minimally invasive procedure as you can return to your duties after a day or two. During the procedure, the surgeon will collect healthy and DHT resistant hair follicles from the sides or back of the scalp using small surgical tools and will create tiny incisions in the bald region.

    These healthy grafts are evaluated and inserted into the tiny incision following your hair pattern and direction. The surgeon will not transfer more or a few hair follicles, but a number that will create a thick and fuller head. The number of transferred hair follicles differs from one patient to another. Many patients appreciate their results since their hairline is aesthetically designed and their appearance is surely altered for the best.

    hair transplant in India

    Undergoing a hair Transplant in the Modern era

    A hair transplant is basically one of the simple, yet technical cosmetic procedures. To a patient, the procedure is certainly a walkover, but to a surgeon, it requires artistic and aesthetic skills to create natural results.

    The type of hair transplant technique utilized also determines the length of the post-op period. The FUE technique is generally manageable since there are no stitches or major wounds created. With the FUT technique, a patient may feel pain, bleeding, and the risk of infection increases in case no proper measures are taken during and after the surgery.

    On the other hand, hair transplant results are generally natural and last a lifetime. But, it will cost you Rs. 55, 000 for an average hair transplant and more in case of extreme hair loss.