Hair Transplantation Methods: FUE, FUT, Scalp Reduction, Bio FUE & Combined Approach

    Seeing yourself bald in the mirror is very challenging. A lot of thoughts start striking in your mind. Eventually, you decide to get it treated. Some people willingly agree to undergo the hair transplant in Punjab, while some people are to be convinced by the medical professionals, as their baldness cannot be treated with the medications. The hair transplant cost is so minimal that even the middle man can also afford to get treated with it.

    If you are the one who is also thinking to undergo the hair transplant procedure, then you must acquaint yourself with the predominant approaches which are followed to carry out the procedure:

    Fut – Follicular Unit Transplantation
    • This approach has been in use since the time hair transplantation methods were getting invented. The conventionality could be seen in its extraction process which requires the extraction of the strips.
    • Patients who undergo hair transplants by considering this approach usually encounter 100% success rates. But still, there is no bad thing in modifying or improving the procedure.
    • So the cosmetic surgeons start working on bringing the improved version of this method. Do you want to know about the improved method? Then read the subsequent point.
    Fue – Follicular Unit Extraction
    • FUE which stands for Follicular Unit extraction is the modified version of the follicular unit transplantation. You might be wondering about why it is called modified.
    • This is modified in the extraction process. Instead of intending to withdraw strips, this method aims at extracting the grafts. With the extraction of the grafts, the chances to experience the scarring and the scabbing can be considerably improved.
    • If we compare this with the strip harvesting method, then it is beneficial for cosmetic surgeons as well. It’s because of the reduced efforts in separating the hair follicles.
    Scalp Reduction
    • This is the bang-on procedure, as this aims at the complete termination of the bald region. The region which is having hair will help to replace the bald area.
    • If you are thinking, how would it be possible? Then the scalp which is having the hair will be stretched and thus, will be used to cover the region which is bothered with hair loss.
    Bio Fue – Bio Folicular Unit Extraction As the name itself suggests, this procedure requires you to consider the biological factors.

    • Extraction of the blood in the form of the samples will help to separate the regenerative cells from it. These cells after getting observed in the laboratory will be injected into the bald region. The scalp will then be triggered for natural hair growth.
    Combination Of Fue, Fut And Bht The patients who are suffering from the last grade of baldness usually demand the maximum coverage of the bald region. Sometimes it is not possible to extract the grafts only by considering the FUE Or FUT procedure, so the combination of the below-mentioned ways used to obtain the desired results:

    • Follicular Unit extraction
    • Follicular Unit Transplantation
    • Bio FUE

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