Hair transplant - Things are to be taken care of during the recovery period

Hair transplant – Things are to be taken care of during the recovery period

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    Hair transplant – Things are to be taken care of during the recovery period

    Many people do not take up the hair transplantation procedure just because they have believed in the myth that they have to take so many days off from their job after the procedure. But it is not, because very little time is required to get wholly recovered after the hair transplant in Vizag. But one has to follow some precautionary or preventative measures after the procedure and these are as follow:

    • Do not engage in any of the strenuous activity
    No doubt, you are free to do whatever you feel like doing after the hair transplantation procedure, but you have to restrict yourself from certain activities that could either cause an increment in the heartbeat or will cause you to sweat.

    So the following activities should be completely avoided:
    • Doing gyming
    • Running and walking for prolonged hours
    • Scuba diving

    I know some fitness freaks will counter-question that they have to stop performing activities that help them to get fit. Then it is because fitness activities like gyming, athletics or sport will cause you to sweat and that can lead to the dislodgement of the transplanted hair.
    Besides, the activities that cause your heartbeat to escalate like scuba diving and running, then have the potential to make sudden changes in the flow of blood. But the ideal and normal blood flow is the requirement for the survival of the hair follicles.

    • Washing or oiling your hair
    Hair washes immediately after the procedure is strictly prohibited. Since your grafts are completely new for the recipient area and they can get disorganized if they are washed right after the procedure.
    But yes do not get worried. You will be allowed to wash your hair after 48 hours.
    But to assure that the transplanted hair follicles are not getting dislodged, you have to follow some instructions which are given below:

    • Do not directly put the shampoo on your hair. Rather mix the drops of the shampoo in the water and stir it with your hand to make sure that the shampoo is thoroughly mixed in the water.
    • Do not let the shower water come in contact with your scalp. Rather you should use the bucket and the mug for the washing of the hairs.

    • Do you want to wear a hat?
    I know you may be wanting to flaunt those side hair by wearing the hat. But make sure that you are wearing the hat after 3 days of the completion of the procedure. If you are tempted to wear that tight-fitting baseball cap, then buddy! Please wait for 5 days.

    • Itching
    I know you may feel like pricking those irritating scabs, but my dear, you have to wait because these scabs will fall on their own after 32 to 3 weeks. So if you are getting irritated with the scabs then you can soak your head in the lukewarm water.

    It is also advised that you should be refraining yourself from exposure to the sun light because the harmful UV rays can spoil the organisation and the quality of the transplanted grafts.