What is Gynaecomastia? Cause of Gynaecomastia? How to correct it, and from where?

Gynecomastia: What is it, What Causes it, and How to Treat it

Gynecomastia: What is it, What Causes it, and How to Treat it

Gynaecomastia is an abnormal condition in men in which their breast tissue has more fat tissue than usual that has grown over time and doesn’t seem to look good. Many men do (reduction mammaplasty), which is also called male breast reduction surgery, To get rid of Gynaecomastia. A cosmetic surgeon does it. Many Best Gynaecomastia Doctors In Visakhapatnam provide complete examinations and surgeries to correct this condition.

The condition of Gynaecomastia can only be corrected by cosmetic surgery liposuction, in which only the fat tissue gets removed but not the breast gland. If you are also facing this type of condition, you can also get Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag itself from renowned cosmetic surgeons. As advanced medical sciences come up with, Cosmetic surgeries like liposuction will help You get back in shape.

What are the main causes of Gynaecomastia?

It happens during puberty. The imbalance of the hormones causes irregular growth of breast fat tissues in men. The fat tissue in the breast is present in both men and women at the time of development of sex hormones. In some cases of men, the fat tissues grow bigger. This condition is known as Gynaecomastia.

It also gets provoked when men take gym supplements like anabolic steroids, which make the growth of breast fat tissue grow faster as over-dose of these steroids changes the men’s hormones similar to women’s fat tissues and which triggers Gynaecomastia.

How to find the best place to get reduced mammaplasty done by a plastic surgeon? 

 Proper examination: 

You should find the best plastic surgeons for your breast examination as they can understand the condition correctly and suggest the best treatment, like which is the better anchor or inverted T breast reduction. Also, he can examine your hormones properly to get better results after treatment.

 Ideals surgeons:

The surgeon performing the surgery should be well-trained and practiced, so the surgery outcomes should be perfect and practical. Choose the doctor who should understand your condition and provide you with the best suggestion. Because after the surgery for recovery, you also need some time to recover and heal your disease. Choose who provides the medical assistance throughout your journey.

Supportive staff: 

The staff at the clinics should be polite and encouraging. This would help the patient connect and boost his confidence, as people with disorders have already gone through a lot of trauma and societal pressure.


The cost of this treatment is approximately from 1,30,000 INR to 2,50,000. In some cases, the price gets higher. Cost depends upon the type of surgery and treatment you are getting. Choose the clinic that provides the best quality under your budget and provides value-for-money services.


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