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Correlation Between Gynecomastia and Mental Health

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    Correlation Between Gynecomastia and Mental Health

    Correlation Between Gynecomastia and Mental Health

    Gynaecomastia syndrome can cause enlargement in male breast tissues. According to a study, this problem affects 65 % of the male population at some moment in their life. 

    Hormones, specific medical conditions or drugs can trigger the enlargement of breast tissue. Gynaecomastia is not just limited to physical changes; it can create a huge impact on mental health, too. 

    Boys or men can feel shame and embarrassment due to this problem. The feeling of shame and embarrassment can not allow them to enjoy any social gatherings. 

    Often, people with gynecomastia struggle with self-image in society. Then, they choose gynecomastia surgery in Odisha to boost their self-confidence. 

    Gyanecomastia’s Impact on Mental Health:

    ASPS is an organisation that talks about the emotional and mental effects on the person with gynecomastia. 

    This study has data on psychological tests done on healthy boys who were evaluated for gynecomastia. Results among the healthy and boys with breast enlargement were comparatively different. 

    The results of this study were remarkable. They concluded that boys with gynecomastia scored very low on standard quality of life assessment. They also do not feel compatible in social gatherings. 

    Furthermore, in the results, it is found that their diminished self-esteem score is closely related to the problem of gynecomastia. 

    Another noteworthy result comes to light that the severity of gynaecomastia does not decide the level of emotional toll. Researchers found that little breast enlargement is enough to decrease the self of the boys. However, we cannot completely neglect that the bigger the breast tissues, the lower the self-esteem. 

    This report serves as a wake-up call to the medical society to be aware of the mental implications of gynecomastia. Research showed that complications of gynecomastia are not limited to disfigured physical complications. 

    Care of Mental Health Disrupted by Gynecomastia: 

    For the general wellness of boys living with gynecomastia, enhancing their mental health is crucial. Gynecomastia is generally displayed as a bodily issue, while it has an influential consequence on mental and emotional health, too. Following points will help manage gynecomastia. 

    Healthy Lifestyle

    A healthy lifestyle plays an essential role in managing gynecomastia. 

    Open Communication 

    Living with gynecomastia can be distressful. A clear and open communication with a healthcare provider can foster your mental well-being. 


    Gynecomastia can also impact your psychological health. Consulting with a medical counsellor can help you in managing your emotional well being.  

    Surgical Option & Surgeon:

    1. Find the best surgeon for your gynecomastia surgery.
    2. Explore numerous clinics to pick your perfect surgeon.
    3. Read about surgeons’ credentials, track records, and patient testimonials, all of which can help you make an informed decision.

    Dr. Vj is recognized as the best surgeon for gynecomastia surgery in Bhubaneswar. 

    In Conclusion: 

    Visit VJ Clinics for open communication with expert surgeons for your problem and its treatment options. During or before the course of treatment, try to maintain your mental and emotional wellbeing and remember that gynecomastia is a curable problem.