Eternal Youth: Everyone’s Dream

    Whether 50 or 30, everyone wants to look younger than their age. You must be no different. Yes, everyone wants to look and feel young. So if you are spending sleepless nights due to crow’s feet and laugh lines, it’s time to knock the door of a Botox specialist. But first get your facts right.

    Will I look like an ice maiden after the treatment?

    No, if you are in the right hands. Botox eases away the wrinkles and the laugh lines when administered by the expert hands in micro doses. Undoubtedly, it is the best bet for returning a youthful appearance to your face.

    Botox: A boon or a bane?

    Botox has been at the centre of the controversy that it is more of a hazard than a blessing, given the fact that it could cause a paralytic condition. But rest assured, a standard product in suitable quantity is just the miraculous anti-aging solution you have been searching for years. But the awareness is as important. The most reliable brand names in the field are Xeomin by Merz, Myobloc by Solstice, Botox by Allergan and Dysport by Ipsen. These brands have been certified by European authorities and FDA. The clients can trust these brands with their eyes closed. While their cheaper Chinese and Korean counterparts may deliver the same results, their side effects can’t be predicted as they do not conform to the regular standards. So it’s better to be safe than sorry later. I strongly recommend that you stick to the four brands.

    The magical treatment ‘s methodology

    After your physician checks the muscle structure of your face, he will specify which areas are giving your age way. A customized plan will be planned accordingly. In the first step, the skin is cleaned. A numbing cream is applied. Subsequently, the injection is administered. The whole process lasts 20-40 minutes.

    The pain for the gain

    The pain felt depends on the pain threshold of the client. While some need only an ice rub, others may require laughing gas to alleviate the pain.

    The after effects

    The injected areas appear like mosquito bites which subside within 30 minutes. Blood thinners must be avoided before the treatment. An injection in the wrong area could result in an asymmetry in the face. If care is not taken, facial abnormality like eyebrow drop or drooping eyelid could also be caused.


    The full effect will show up after a week or so. An expert physician, after a discussion with the patient, will work out a natural looking result by administering just the right dose.

    The duration of the effect

    The effect lasts anywhere between 3 to 5 months. The results last longer if the procedure is done regularly.

     The financial angle

    The expense incurred depends on the number of units required, the area undertaken and whether the physician in question is an expert or a novice.

    The age factor

    While young people undergo this procedure to prevent the onslaught of aging, the older lot takes up the same to restore their youthful appearance. So people might go for it well in their 20’s or 80’s.

    The right person

    Never get the treatment done by a beauty parlor, go for a certified physician.

    The Bottomline

    The ultimate ruling about Botox is here-It is a patient-friendly anti-aging treatment when done the right way. Apart from its cosmetic purposes, it is also used in many other medical procedures such as calf muscle reduction, slender legs, and reducing pore size. So there is nothing to apprehend about. Just take into consideration the information given above.

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