Know What Should You Loose When you loose hairs?

What are the Effects of Hair Loss in Men and Women’s Life?

What are the Effects of Hair Loss in Men and Women's Life?

When you lose hair, is it just the hair you lose?

What is the importance of hair in our outlook? To answer the question just imagine just how much a change a single hair cut brings to our personality then you will understand the importance of hair. Hair is not just a part of the face, like the nose or the lips which cannot be changed easily, rather hair is one thing that can easily be transformed and even a simple change in hair style brings change in the personality by leaps and bounds.

So, what do you think would be the change in the person’s mental and physical condition when one faces hair loss. To some people hair loss would mean a complete change in one’s perception of the self, yet in the initial stages of hair loss it is not given much importance and by the time the person realizes that hair loss is becoming a problem 60% of the hair are already lost.

There are many things that change when a person is facing the acute hair loss problem; some of the effects of hair loss are listed below:

  • Firstly the confidence of a person is deeply hampered as hair are a very important part of the vanity of a person, and when one does not think he/she is looking good enough the confidence automatically comes down.
  • When a person is facing hair loss, they are not able to keep up the latest trends in the hair industry like a new hairstyle or hair color which is disheartening.

The baldness caused by hair loss prompts the person to shy away from social gatherings and hence the social circle of a person is reduced considerably.