Why the demand for gynecomastia surgery is increasing for breast reduction?

    In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in breast reduction surgery because of the gynecomastia condition. But still, there are many men who are not aware of this condition. They also think that there is no need to undergo the treatment and physical activity can solve this condition.

    This means men get an opportunity to look the way they wanted to always.  So, if you are facing this issue then you should not think that you are alone in this situation.


    Explain Gynecomastia?

    This problem is referred to as a condition of enlarged or overdeveloped breast tissue. The issue of gynecomastia can occur at any age. In most cases, it occurs at puberty and resolves on its own. In some cases, the problem comes later in life and then it is solved with the surgery. Sometimes there is excess breast skin, excess fat, excess development of glandular tissue, or it may affect both breast or one.

    It occurs because of hormonal changes, obesity, hereditary, taking medications, or drugs. Due to this issue, the men start losing their self-confidence, become stressed, and they do not talk to anyone. Moreover, they also avoid physical activities so that no one can get to know about their problem.


    How Gynecomastia surgery is helpful?

    The surgery is helpful because it restores the male breast as well as correct the deformities of nipple, breast, or areola. The treatment options include liposuction, excision, or it can be a combination of both the options.

    During the surgery, the patient is given local anaesthesia so that discomfort is reduced. The incisions are made around the nipple so that excess skin and fat can be removed. The length of the incision will be based on how much the problem or how much area needs the treatment.

    If the case is severe, then it is compulsory that the nipple and part of the organ are removed. If the case is minimal, then a very small incision is made of around 5mm at the edge of areolar. This process is followed by liposuction Surgery so that excess skin can be pulled out.

    Also, make sure you select the best surgeon for the treatment who is well-known in this filed and have done his proper training. This will also increase the success rate of the treatment and there will be no risk also. The Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in India is less as compared to other places.

    What are its benefits?

    Once you decide you get the surgery, the results are permanent and you will enjoy these benefits:

    • It will restore your confidence in your body.
    • Effective in removing gynecomastia when other options like exercise and weight loss are not effective.
    • Effectively removes enlarged male breast tissue.
    • Helpful in removing excess skin if necessary.

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