Cosmetic surgeon answers the FAQs about the derma roller treatment

Cosmetic surgeon answers the FAQs about the derma roller treatment

Know The Increasing Popularity Of Derma Roller-Treatment

Cosmetic surgeon answers the FAQs about the derma roller treatment


The cosmetic procedures available for skin rejuvenation and overall appearance improvement are available in vast options. With that comes the new and latest methods of Skin brightening treatment in Vizag and other inventive procedures to make everything work effectively & make the appearance better. In the blog, I have mentioned the latest approach to derma roller. Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. C Vijay Kumar, has answered the most frequently asked questions about the treatment.

FAQs on Derma Roller Treatment

How does the derma roller work?

The approach of Derma roller treatment in Vizag works effectively against rejuvenating the Skin. The approach is affordable and offers high-quality results, which means the chances of skin damage and other problematic factors are less. The derma roller contains a mini wheel that penetrates the Skin by pricking thousands of tiny needles into the face. So, for acne scars and to even out skin tone, the derma roller is an appropriate choice.

What does the derma roller work best for?

The patients should undergo the derma roller treatment if they are concerned about acne scars, have large pores, and want to boost their Skin. The choice of needle for the derma roller depends on your concern.

Please ensure the derma roller is inappropriate for you if you have warts, eczema, and psoriasis. Also, make sure to stop the use of retinol for at least 3 to 4 days before the treatment.

How should I prepare for the derma roller?

Before you undergo the procedure, it’s essential to cleanse and foam the Skin to get rid of all the dirt and oil. Additionally, apply toner to keep the skin balanced. Additionally, you should follow all the tips the doctor gives before the treatment.

Is derma roller painful treatment?

The key to performing derma roller is only known to the advanced and skilled cosmetic surgeon. While using a derma roller, it only has to be pressed firmly against the Skin. There might be slight discomfort but no pain. After the treatment session, if there’s any pain, then better ask the surgeon whether to take any painkillers.

How long does it take to see derma roller results?

The results of derma roller treatment are quite noticeable right away. The results might vary depending on the session you need to get. So, to know all about the results and how much time it takes, it is better to talk to the surgeon about the same. Additionally, the results of the derma roller last for around 6 to 8 months.

How long do the results of the derma roller last?

The concept of a derma roller is effective in improving the overall Skin. There’s the use of microneedling to work against skin repair and rejuvenate the same.

Is derma roller effective against acne scars?

Acne scars are a huge concern among youngsters and adults as they can impact self-confidence and might even give the person a low quality of life. To balance out the same, you should talk to the doctor about undergoing derma roller treatment. The results have shown that around 86% have noticed the small scar appearance to get reduced. Although the large scar might not hide completely, it can reduce the appearance by around 70% or make it less noticeable.