7 Tips to follow after hair transplantation

7 Tips to follow after undergoing the hair transplantation procedure

7 Tips to follow after undergoing the hair transplantation procedure

If you have just undergone a hair transplant in Vizag, then do not expect the results to show themselves. You will have to contribute to that by taking care of your scalp.

If you want the money paid on the hair transplant cost to come out to be worth it, then make sure you are not missing a single point published in today’s blog.

The recipient are should be kept moist

At the end of the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will provide you with certain things or the products which you will need throughout your recovery period. One of the things included in your hair care kit will include the saline water spray. If you spray your scalp with this saline water spray at regular intervals, then you will experience rapid and result-oriented healing.


No Shower washing

After a few days, the doctor will suggest that you cleanse the recipient area. You will have to wash your hair. When you are washing your hair, then make sure you are not using the shower for rinsing your hair. The pressure of the shower will dislodge the hair follicles.

Do not sleep without a pillow

When you sleep, then make sure you are not sleeping without a pillow. If you do so, then you will be obstructing the blood supply to reach your scalp for nourishment. So sleeping in a semi-upright position is the key to the early recovery period.

Use cold gels or the ice packs

Some sort of discomfort is quite obvious to happen after the hair transplantation procedure in the following forms:

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Swelling


  • If itching happens, then do not even think of scratching the hair. It will lead to the displacement of the hair.
  • As far as the redness is concerned, it will go off on its own after 2 weeks. It is a natural phenomenon. Do not worry about it.
  • And when it is about swelling, then you have to make sure that you use the cold gels or the ice packs which will help you to reduce the swelling.

No sweat causing exercises

The hair transplant patients are suggested not to indulge in any kind of exercise that causes them to sweat heavily. Sweating is not at all conducive for the scalp which has just undergone a hair transplant.

Do not opt up for the tight hairstyle

Making a tight high pony or doing any kind of hairstyle which would pull the transplanted hair follicles, should be avoided if fruitful results are expected.

Follow a nutritious diet

No matter what kind of recovery period it is, you will always and always need a nutritious diet for fulfilling the nutritional needs of your body. The cosmetic surgeons usually list up the food items at the end of the procedure when you are about to go home.

Wrap Up!

All the mentioned post-operative tips will only come out to be beneficial if you do not take the stress of any kind.