Hair Transplant without Shaving Unshaven Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant which is considered the only and ultimate treatment of hair loss is quite an expensive process. It requires a huge amount of investment and hence before the process is opted by the people have a lot of questions in mind to ask.

    The first question that strikes the mind of every individual who is going to undergo the surgery is what will be the after effects of the process. Once they are satisfied with the after-effects of the surgery the next thing that strikes their mind is whether the transplant surgery can be performed without shaving the head. People today are more concerned about the surgery to be conducted without shaving the head. Physical looks define the person, a person is judged by his looks first, so the first impression is created by his looks. Hair plays an important role in creating this impression.

    There are several reasons why people do not want to shave their hair. It can be something weird and unusual for those who have long hair, especially women. The second reason is certain occupations do not welcome this and the people with shaved hair find it difficult to face the people in the professional world. There is another reason for this also that some Indian traditions treat shaven hair a sign of some mishappening. So people restrict themselves to shave their hair for the hair transplantation surgery. So this question is but natural to arise in the minds of people whether their full hair will be shaved for the surgery.

    The answer to this question is that the person does do not need to shave his entire head before undergoing this surgery.

    The most common one among them is the fully shaved hair transplant. In this method, the donor area and the recipient area both are shaved and then the transplant is done. The second way of getting the hair transplant done is partially shaved method. Under this method, only the donor area is shad.

    Then there is another method where the transplant is done by shaving a certain ratio and leaving the rest. So the hair transplantation technique helps in restoring hair and can be done by any of the above-mentioned methods. This technique no doubt was done by any method is useful and the patients respond to it positively. But on the other hand, patients who have undergone the surgery by proportionate shaving method believe that their results have been much better if they would have done it by complete shaving of hair.

    Certain clinics which conduct these surgeries sometimes mislead people about hair shaving. Initially, they tell the person that there is no need to shave the hair for transplant surgery. But when they perform the surgery they convince people to shave their hair. And hence the truth is that there is no such surgery that does not shave hair. Hairs are shaved for the surgery, the amount of hair shaved varies according to the method.

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