hair transplant treatment over a period of time

    Changes observed after the hair transplant treatment over a period of time

    Hair transplant is an easy way to treat the problem of your baldness which has always been a cause of your shyness, embarrassment or stress-related issues.

    Even as to prepare your body for the operation, you need to restrain yourself from such medicines that result in excess bleeding and poor grafting. Getting a hair transplant in Vishakhapatnam is an easy choice to get the solution to your problem and the results will always satisfy you.

    Here, in the following content, you will come across the various changes to expect on how to respond them along with the hair transplant growth timeline

    Hair transplant and its timeline changes list

    Day zero – The surgery will last for 4-5 hours, a little up or down. You should get your schedule planned for the day accordingly. You are better to go for rest at home the same day after you are done with the procedure.

    Day one to five – The first five days after the surgery will give you an experience of swelling of the forehead and at the back area of the head along with the redness on your skin area which was targeted in the process. The redness is basically due to the inflammation and will be seen disappearing as the wound will gradually heal.

    As a patient, you also need to have self-care at least for the first two weeks which are critical. Get a set of instructions from your surgeon for self-care to obtain the desired result.

    Day six to ten – You will see your redness and swelling is majorly gone, and the occurrence of crusts on the grafted area, which again will be removed by your surgeon

     The second week – You will be allowed doing shampooing or hair cuts from the start of week 2. Your transplant hair will start to shed but its normal because your grafts will be in perfect condition and are permanently placed at your skin.

    The third week – You will find out most of your transplanted hair has shed out within this week

    The first month – it is a resting phase of your hair follicles. You will observe the same look of your hair as the previous one prior to the surgery. By the end of this month, you are also allowed to have coloring and styling of your hair done.

    Month 2-5

    Here you will be seeing a certain growth in the hair transplant done. Any inflammation or redness on the donor area will be vanishing this month.

    MONTHS 5-9 – It is a duration of time where you will witness a textural change in your transplanted hair. You need to see your surgeon in this phase.

    Year 1 – You will be watching 80% of your hair growth and hair thickness

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