How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Tricks that made your hair Really Long

    The rate of hair grow is different for everyone. On average, there is only half an inch growth of hair over the course of a month. Hair growth can be influenced by many factors. Usually, its growth is determined by genetics and other health issues also can affect its growth. Although men’s hair grow faster than women but this condition can be changed in pregnancy period. In modern era, people are suffering from hair problems than can be because of genetic structural abnormalities or other hair problem then, it can slow down the growth of your hair. The trend of Hair transplant in India is increasing day by day.

    You can speed up the process of hair growth by following the simple tips which are:

    1. Provide strength to your scalp

    The reason behind strong hair is the strong scalp. Researches show that regular massage of the scalp can improve hair thickness. Spend at least five minutes in a day on your scalp massage and see the difference!

    1. Change your hairstyle regularly:

    If you tie a high ponytail or tie hair tightly for a long time, it can cause breakage. Prefer low and loose ponytails as it reduces the risk of hair breakage. Tightly tied hair can results in hair loss around the hairline.

    1. Brush regularly:

      Hair brushing can stimulates the blood flow to your scalp by which all the required nutrients are supplied to hair which results in creating healthy and strong hair. Moreover, hair brushing distributes the natural oils which keeps the needed moisture. So, brush regularly in a gentle way.
    2. Wash with vinegar

    It is already proved that hair shouldn’t be washed with hot water as it weakens the hair. Always wash hair with cold water. If you add apple cider vinegar in cold water, it will add up the strongness of your hair. This mixture will close the cuticle layer of the hair and makes the hair shinier.

    1. Try to avoid extensions:

    Avoid extensions of hair if your goal is for healthy and long hair. Use extensions only in special functions for a very short time period. Remove the extension after the completion of party. Any extra kind of weight loosen the hair.

    1. Improve your sleeping habits:

    Sleep on a smooth place instead of hard or rigid surface as a smooth surface can reduce the night time friction which may results in less breakage of hair in the morning. Use pillowcases of silk instead of cotton and reduce the hair breakage.

    Before getting frustrated with your hair problems, try to understand that these problems depend on a number of factors which impacts overall hair growth. Take proper diet to stay healthy as sickness is also a main reason for hair fall. Using these simple tricks, you can reduce the risk of hair fall as well as hair transplant. Grow your hair naturally and enjoy a healthy life.

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