Commonly asked questions about hair transplant

Commonly asked questions about hair transplant

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    Commonly asked questions about hair transplant

    1. What will be the cost?

    The cost of the hair transplant depends on three factors-where, who and how. ‘Where’  means the place where you get it done. The location of the transplant clinic will decide the amount of money it can cost. Hair transplant in India is one of the best options. It is cheap and the standards followed here are at par with the global standards.

    If the clinic is well equipped , then it will also add to the cost factor. It is wise to conduct thorough research before you take the final decision.

    How big is the area which needs a transplant is also a greater determining factor. If it is only hair thinning or receding hairline you want to rectify, it will not be much of an amount. But if you are nearly bald, then you will have to shell out a lot of money.


    1. Who should I approach for the surgery?

    Trust your own research work and senses, instead of the opinion of many people. Only a few clinics can be trusted cent percent. It is a good idea to settle for surgeons recognized by the authorities. You can seek information from the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons ( to recommend surgeons in your area.


    1. Will it hurt much?

    It won’t be as painful as you assume it to be. It won’t give you pain, but a little discomfort.

    The description of the procedure might give you the impression that it is quite painful and inconvenient, but it is not. It will pain as much as the dental filling process at the dentist. You may feel uncomfortable after spending a great deal of time in the chair. Post-surgery, you will experience mild pain which can be countered well with painkillers.



    1. How much will the scarring be?

    We all are sensitive about the way it looks after the surgery. A tiny incision will be visible, but only to the trained eyes. Scarring is another issue which will need to be handled deftly. Ideally, it should be hidden under the existing hair. Ask the surgeon to show photos of his ex-patients so you can be sure.


    1. How long does it take to show signs of growth to show?

    The process of hair growth takes time, even in a person who doesn’t suffer from hair loss. The hair growth after the transplant may take three to four months to show results. After that, you will see steady growth. After a year or so, you will witness full growth.


    1. Will people know?

    If you keep out of social meetings for three weeks and cover your head with a hat, it is not likely to be noticed. The area will look red in the early days.The hair growth will be slow after the procedure and soon people will start noticing a ‘change ‘ in your appearance.


    1. How long will the results last?

    The results will last long as the implanted hair is genetically resistant to hair loss. But sooner or later, you might experience hair loss on other rest of the head. This may call for another round of transplant.