Women hair loss-: What are the ways to prevent and treat Hair Loss in Women?

    Hair loss condition is a common health condition in many ladies these days. This condition has many causes such as hormonal changes, hereditary issues, excessive use of hair styling products, and iron deficiency. In addition, some ladies encounter this condition due to pregnancy and PCOS health condition. But ladies who lose their hair during the pregnancy period regrow hair after the delivery.

    There are many medications and natural treatments for hair loss but several ladies lean toward hair transplant because it gives them permanent results. Some medications that are useful to regrow hair include Minoxidil solution, Topical corticosteroids, and Topical anthralin. Moreover, there are some natural ways to treat this condition such as consume a healthy diet, oil massage, apply aloe vera, and greek yogurt.

    Ways to prevent and treat hair loss

    Hair transplant surgery

    Hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure to treat hair fall because it gives more natural and permanent results. This procedure includes two methods such as FUE and FUT. FUT is the traditional or conventional method which is known as Follicular Unit Transplantation. Whereas FUE is the most recent and modern method to treat hair fall, it is additionally known as Follicular Unit Extraction. You should converse with your doctor and then take this treatment. In this process, your surgeon takes donor hair from the back of the head and transplant it on the affected area.

    Light and laser therapy

    You should also go with light and laser therapy because it is totally safe and promote hair growth. This procedure includes the red light laser, biostimulation, cold and soft laser therapy. You can take this laser therapy twice a week because it stimulates hair growth.

    Consume a healthy diet

    You should consume a healthy and balanced diet full of iron, minerals, nutrients, and fibers. Because your diet affects your hair growth cycle and promotes hair breakage. You can additionally eat fresh fruits and soy products because these are rich in proteins and minerals. Your hair is made of protein which is known as keratin. You must foods that are rich in protein in order to stimulate hair growth.

    Avoid excessive use of hair styling products

    You should avoid excessive use of hair styling products so that you can prevent hair fall. Heating products such as straighteners and curling rods can lead to hair thinning in women. Additionally, many women used to change their hairstyle daily when is responsible for breakage of hair strands and follicles. Moreover, the extreme use of shampoo can also lead to bald spots and hair thinning.

    Manage stress

    Women you take much stress than normal are bound to lose more hair. You should manage your emotional, mental, and physical stress with the goal to reduce the risk of complete baldness. You must join some stress relief therapies such as you must practice yoga and meditation. You should additionally join the laughing club because it is a therapy which gives you real relief.

    Treat dandruff

    You should treat your dandruff and dryness first because these are major causes of hair problems. You should nourish your scalp thrice a week with the essential oils such as coconut, olive, rosemary, and castor oil. Moreover, these oils are incredible for hair growth and nourishment.

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