Hair Loss Vs Hair Shedding

What is the difference between hair loss and hair shedding problem?

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    What is the difference between hair loss and hair shedding problem?

    So, you are facing the trouble of losing your hair. You are noticing hair on the pillow or hairbrush as compared to normal. People often think it is hair loss but it can be just hair shedding.

    What is Hair shedding?

    Normally, every person loses 50 to 100 strands per day. However, when the person is more than this then it can be excessive hair shedding. In this case, the medical term is telogen effluvium. The problem of excessive shedding can be due to different reasons:

    • Given birth
    • High fever
    • Lost significant weight (around 9 KG)
    • Facing extreme level of stress
    • Undergone operation
    • Recovering from a health issue which includes high fever
    • Stopped the use of birth control pills.

    You need to keep in mind to talk to the doctor at the right time. In case, the issue is not solving or stopping then seek medical advice. In most cases, the ideal way to restore the hair permanently and naturally then hair transplant is the ideal choice.

    When is the problem noticeable?

    In many cases, the person can notice the issue a few months after the stressful event has been triggered. Some of the situations are like:

    • The woman can see excessive hair shedding 2 months after she has given birth. Also, the hair shedding increase at around 4 months. Although it is normal and occurs temporarily.
    • Once the body adjusts the shedding will stop. The problem gets to the normal stage within 6 to 9 months in which the hair fullness is restored.
    • The stressful situation also plays an important role in triggering the issue of hair shedding. If you are facing an extreme level of stress continuously then the person will experience long-term issues.

    What is Hair Loss?

    hair loss is something when the hair stops growing and medically it is known as anagen effluvium. The most common reason for hair loss are:

    • Hereditary hair loss
    • Immune system overreacts
    • The compulsion to pull out one’s hair
    • Some drugs and treatments
    • Hairstyles that pull on the hair
    • Chemical hair-care products

    What needs to be done?

    The problem will not be stopped until the time caused is solved. People undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment lose more hair. Once the treatment stops, the hair grows back again. If you feel the medication is making you lose hair then talk to the doctor so that the drug can be stopped right away.

    Hair loss is genetic so treatment is a must. Treatment will help to get the lost hair back. For an effective treatment plan, it is best to consult the doctor.

    Consult the doctor

    If you are concerned about the problem then make sure to book your consultation with the doctor. The doctor will help to diagnose the problem to know the reason and what is the issue.