Evaluation of Hair Loss

A General Assessment of Hair loss with an expert

This is a major step that you must undergo before embarking on any hair loss treatment. It is common today that people utilize the market hair loss treatments without having had a systematic evaluation of their hair loss with a dermatologist or a hair surgeon. There are different procedures or tests that a surgeon may have to carry out to determine the following;

The cause of hair loss

At times, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal changes, a strict diet, infections and treatments cause hair loss. Once these factors are corrected by habit alterations, hair will start to grow as it has to

The extent of hair loss

The surgeon may take a comb and pass it in the different parts of the scalp to determine how much hair you have lost. In other cases, a physical examination of the scalp is enough for the surgeon to determine the extent of your hair loss

Family history

You may have family members or had those with alopecia, for example, alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, or Telogen effluvium. The surgeon must be informed about it

The number of hair follicles lost and the best treatment

Commonly, this is done in case a hair transplant procedure is the ultimate hair loss treatment for a patient. The surgeon examines the hair density, the grade of hair loss, and the diameter of the hair follicles.

Dr. Vijay Kumar stretches that evaluation of hair loss must be done by an expert rather than relying on personal judgments. The consultation session with experts can act as a window for new ideas about your hair. Many patients suffer from hair loss that increases with time only because a wrong approach was used for treatment. Thyroid test, diet, change of habits, ample sleep, and physical examinations by the expert should be a start off point for alopecia victims.

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