Laser hair removal

    Laser hair removal: Do’s and Don’ts after the Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is explained as the treatment which is designed to remove the unwanted hair from your certain body parts. In addition, this is the treatment which is too safe and secure because your surgeon performs it with full consideration.

    Do’s and don’ts after the laser hair removal

    Rub the ice cubes

    You should apply ice cubes on the treated area so that you can get relief from itching and pain. But make sure you do not apply ice cubes directly on the treated area because it may worsen your condition over time. You must wrap the tissue cubes in the towel or tissue and then apply on the area. Moreover, you should rub your treated area for 10-15 mins 4 times a day if you really want to get rid of inflammation and irritation.

    Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe Vera gel is the essential herb which you can simply find at your homes. Many people use this in order to treat their facial effects. You can go with aloe vera and apply it to the treated area anywhere at your body because it is useful to keep calm your body from swelling, irritation, and redness. You should wait for several minutes so that gel can absorb in your skin. You should apply it many times a day because it has no side effect as compared to other creams and gels.

    Take painkillers

    You should take painkillers if you are unable to get relief from these remedies. Your doctor will surely prescribe you many types of medicines in order to get relief from pain and irritation. You should take them according to prescription so that you cannot experience any of side effect.

    Don’t go outside

    You must stay inside on a sunny day because it will harm you and your skin as well. If you have urgent work or any emergency then must apply sunscreen on the treated area and cover your treated area. And then go outside but make sure do not spend much time in direct sunlight. Since UV rays can harm your skin because your skin is too sensitive. Moreover, it is strictly recommended that you must avoid sun exposure for several weeks so that you can get proper results of the treatment.

    Avoid using skin products

    You should avoid using skin care products which you used previously for several weeks. Because these contain harmful chemicals which may worsen your skin condition. Or you may experience skin burn.

    Avoid exercise

    You should also avoid over-exercise for many days because exercise can lead to sweating and sweating is responsible for irritation and itching. In the situation of itching, you may get the result in redness and swelling which is responsible for delayed results. So in this way, you should avoid exercise for a few weeks.

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