The benefits of a Certified Hair Transplant doctor

How Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon Will Save Your Money?

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    How Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon Will Save Your Money?

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: When we look for the doctor to treat the problem of hair loss we see different companies advertising the certified hair transplant doctor. They promote how the doctors & staff will give the treatment of hair transplant is the best manner.

    The clinic website or the advertisements will include videos that help in showing the use of the robotic machine and the latest methods of the surgery. No doubt, this treatment option gives the most effective and reliable results which are not possible with the other options.

    But, at times the videos used for the advertisement do not provide enough knowledge or it is not mentioned in the right way. The results of the surgery will make a lot of difference when you get it done by the professionals. Some of the issues you can look for if the video is not by the professional.

    • In the video, there is no detailed information about the surgery. It just shows who will perform the operation and nothing else.
    • Instead, in some cases, the video might show the non-professional doctors are drilling into the scalp and extracting the hair follicles.The professional and experienced surgeon will extract the hair follicles from the donor area and then inserted into the recipient area.
    • The video shows that the automated machine will do everything. But there are some major concerns:

    – In many countries, the non-doctor or medical staff is not allowed to cut the skin or give anesthesia. But, in the videos, it is not shown in detail. Well, in many states this is illegal.

    – Many people get scared because some videos show that the FUT will leave obvious scars. No doubt, with FUT, the patient will have the linear scar on the scalp which is not noticeable when you wear your hair long.

    • Patients often look for questions like whether the treatment is painful or not. FUT and FUE are surgical methods so the patient scalp will be tender and it needs some time to heal properly. When you visit the experienced and skilled surgeon they will prescribe you the medications which help to minimize or eliminate the pain.
    • The use of machines for harvesting the donor grafts will damage the surrounding tissues and this way the hair grafts will not be adequate to cover the bald area.
    • But, this problem is not encountered when you hire a skilled and competent surgeon to perform the hair restoration. This is because they carefully extract the hair follicles one by one or even if it is the strip of hair. They make sure that the grafts are not damaged in any manner and placed on the scalp right away.

    The certified doctor will give you a proper understanding from start to the end so that the patient is well aware of the entire treatment.