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    Why FUE Hair Transplat Surgery Is Considered To Best Hair Restoration Treatment?

    Hair problems such as thinning of the hair and the falling of the hair are the most common problems among both male and the females. This is the most threatening feeling that when it reaches the last stage like you are left with the bald patches.

    FUE hair transplant is the most effective and reliable hair transplant surgery in India. In this technique, there is no need of any king of the stitches and cuts on the head.

    When you start losing your hair on the daily basis, then it is the ultimate option to consult the best trichologist for the best hair transplant in India. Your trichologist will examine your scalp properly. After examining, he will tell you the exact reason for the hair fall.

    Who is the poor candidate for the FUE hair transplant?

    Patients with the improper flow of blood in the scalp, curly hair person, the patient with the blood clotting problem are the poor candidate for the FUE Hair Transplant.

    What are the various reasons to choose the FUE hair transplant?

    In most of the cases, FUE hair transplant is used. Following are the reasons for choosing the FUE hair treatment:

    • Local anesthesia is used: FUE hair transplant is performed under the local anesthesia. This will reduce the risks and the complications that are otherwise associated with general anesthesia.

    • Minimally invasive procedure: This is the less invasive procedure. This procedure only involves small incisions. There is less discomfort before or after the surgery.

    • No stitches: There is not any kind of the stitches involved in this and wounds are healing very quickly.

    • Donor area can be some other part of the body: In this treatment, donor areas may be any area of the body. Follicles can also be extracted from the chest of the person.

    • Less post-op discomfort in the donor area: There are less pain and discomfort feel after this surgery. There are very minimal numbers of the side effects that are associated with this treatment.

    • Short recovery period and downtime: There is faster and the immediate recovery time. You can go back to the normal routine after the surgery.

    • No linear scarring: In this surgery, there are small incisions in both donor and the recipient areas. This surgery involves minor scarring and there is no linear scaring.

    • Donor area looks unaffected and unchanged after surgery:There are extremely small incisions because your trichologist just extracts the follicles in the group of 1 to 4 follicles. You donor area will look unaffected and unchanged after the surgery.

    What are the various complications involved in the FUE hair transplant?

    The complications are very less in case of the FUE hair transplant after the directions of the Trichologist about pre and post care. Some of the risks that are associated with FUE hair transplant:

    • Patient’s physiology

    • Hair transplantation is performed by unlicensed surgeons

    • Usages of the flawed or robotic procedures don’t lead to the desired outcomes.

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