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What a hair transplant did for me!

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    What a hair transplant did for me!

    A hair transplant is an advanced technique where your own hair is removed from one side of the scalp and implanted into another. The procedure can be performed in one setting or two, depending on the time one has or as the surgeon may suggest. Dr. Vijay Kumar is the best surgeon I have ever seen. He has a warm attitude towards patients always tries to present all the possible solutions to your hair problem or body issue.

    His centre is one of the leading centres in India that provides quality hair transplants and cosmetic treatments. My hair transplant procedure was friendly and comfortable just because I chose the best centre before the procedure. I had a limited donor area, but that couldn’t stop me from getting a hair transplant procedure that produced wonderful results. Within a year, I was able to see the hair occupy my former bald region and as more months passed by. My hair continued to grow and could style it in any way I desired.

    My appearance changed and even became more handsome than I was. I have no visible marks of a hair transplant and my colleagues are really surprised with my transformation.