How do you define a cheap Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant: 6 Reasons you should avoid such cheap Treatments

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    Hair Transplant: 6 Reasons you should avoid such cheap Treatments

    Hair Transplant has become a procedure that is opted for quite frequently. The cases of hair loss have gone up and so have the number of Hair Transplants. If you are tempted to go abroad for the procedure, consider clinics with a reputation or opt for Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam. However, there is also an increment in a hazardous trend: cheap hair transplant.

    How do you define a cheap Hair Transplant?

    As the name suggests, they offer transplants at throwaway prices. However, the unbelievable price comes at the cost of low-quality techniques to give botched up results. These agencies do not follow any standard protocol for the process. These organizations operate with the sole purpose of minting money from unsuspecting tourists. They even tie-up with the airlines and the hotels to offer attractive packages to the patients.

    Why you should avoid such cheap indulgences

    1. The surgery is carried out by a technician, not a qualified doctor. Many technicians get together to perform the surgery simultaneously which results in asymmetrical implantation.

    2. They use aggressive tools to extract and implant follicles. These agencies use motorized punches with diameter often exceeding a millimetre. It performs the function faster but it uses a lot of aggression. It goes against the concept that the extraction and implantation must be carried out gently. An instrument with a diameter more than a millimetre will lead to visible scarring.

    3. Mind the angle of penetration

    The angle of penetration is not proper and it leads to a lower density of hair growth after the transplant. Though the implanted hair looks sufficient enough, once they fall off they fail to give the required hair density. In worst to the worst scenario, 20-60 % of the hair never grows back.

    4. Mishandling of the donor area

    As the clinics are aware that their aggressive tools and techniques are going to show up at one stage or the other, they coax the clients to give a high amount of donor grafts which are usually not required. The result? Your donor area gets compromised for the sake of low price. You will be losing out on precious donor grafts which could be used in the future. The donor grafts once used will not regenerate and lead to effects quite the opposite of what you desired.

    5. Wrong method of price calculation

    These so-called cheap clinics coax their customers to calculate the cost of hair transplant according to the number of grafts. They over quote the number of grafts and hike the price under the garb of selling the maximum grafts which leads to unnecessary wastage of the donor area.

    6. Unrefined way of conducting

    The method used is primitive and rough. They don’t follow the latest technique and use the wrong type of instruments. The slits are made using blades or even scissors, which leads to scarring and peel off effects on the skin. This method does not let the grafts be implanted close thus giving poor density to the hair. A peeled off, orangish skin is left visible on the scalp as the aftereffect of the unrefined technique.