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Imagine a hair transplant before your wedding

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    Imagine a hair transplant before your wedding

    By hook or crook, I had to find a hair transplant centre before my big day. I had hopes that I would grow hair before the day finally knocked. I thank my girlfriend that she supported me in my quest and she was patient. Having gone bald at the age of 24, many surgeons told me to wait on getting a hair transplant. They advised Finasteride as the medication I could use for the time being.

    I used it for the next 2 years until when I realized that its effect had reduced. All the way, I was searching for a competent hair transplant centre that could help me get the results and looks I need. My friend inspired me with his hair transplant since it had changed his appearance. He told me about DR. Vijay and I met him. From the consultation to the end, I was relaxed, that I could get the results.

    At the age of 26, I had my hair transplant and by 29, I had a good amount of hair in the former bald region. In my late 20s, I got married to the woman of my dreams looking the best I ever wanted.