Hair Transplant Treatment

    Which place is better to undergo Hair Transplant Treatment: India or Turkey?

    A hair transplant is considered as the best and most effective procedure to restore the hair when the person is diagnosed with alopecia (baldness). Normally, every person loses 50 to 100 hair which is not a matter of concern. This is because these hair will grow back. However, if you notice hair fall in excess then it is a sign of hair loss.

    In this case, the person opts for treatment options like medications or shampoos but they won’t give the permanent results which you are looking for. They might stop the hair loss for a certain time but after that, the problem starts again. So, what should you do in this scenario?

    Procedure for Hair transplant

    • The procedure is minimally invasive in which hair grafts are taken from the donor site and then transplanted to the balding area. Depending on the severity of the case, the operation will last for around 2 to 9 hours.
    • The procedure starts by preparing the individual treatment according to the diagnosis. The doctor will determine that the patient is in good health to undergo the procedure. Along with that, there should be enough hair to be transplanted to the donor area.
    • Once the hair grafts are transplanted to the problematic area they will continue to grow. Following the surgery, the hair will grow permanently and they will look natural also. Also, you can follow the same hair care regime as you used to earlier.

    The procedure is done in a specific manner so special tools and equipment are used. We recommend you to take the help of our qualified surgeon for the best treatment of Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam as they are making continuous efforts to raise their skills.

    FUE: Effective and Reliable Method

    The most innovative method of hair restoration is Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUE) which guarantees long-term results when the surgery is performed with precision. Moreover, the surgery does not leave scars on the back of the scalp. The hair will grow normally and there is no pain after surgery. Despite the fact the procedure is very popular, India and Turkey are top countries that emphasize increasing the hair transplant level.

    Turkey: Top place to get a hair transplant

    Turkey is the top place for doing the number of hair transplant procedures. Mainly because the demand for patients from the Persian Gulf country is increasing. Every day around 200 hair transplant operations are performed and there are many foreign patients. Also, every month around 5000 patients visit Turkey to get their hair restored. Turkey has become popular because of its moderate prices and high-quality operations. The patients are mostly from countries like Germany, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, and Saudi Arabia. But, yes India is giving tough competition to Turkey to give the patients reliable treatment.

    India is offering the best Hair transplant treatment

    • Patients from the West and America who have got a hair transplant in India and from other Asain countries is around 97000. The reason they travel to India is that the treatment is affordable as compared to their home country.
    • One of the essential factors is cost and the price of the treatment in India is affordable in comparison to other places. In western countries, the healthcare cost is increasing which contributes to the rise in demand for hair transplantation in India.
    • Many clinics and hospitals in India offer the medical tourism package. Undergoing a hair transplant in India will also give you the option of traveling to different places.

    Undergoing hair transplant in India

    • It is going to save you a lot of money as the hair transplant cost is low as compared to other places.
    • The doctors are highly skilled and experienced which helps in giving quality treatment.
    • In India, the methods of doing technology are modern and up to date.
    • There is no language barrier as a doctor is fluent in English.
    • The Indian doctor understands the Western culture and American mentality which helps in providing the patient proper comfort level.

    So, make sure that you make the right choice as the skills and experience of the doctor makes a lot of difference.

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