Hair Grafting – A step in Hair Transplant Surgery

    In the past few years, the demand for hair transplant has increased. Many people are opting for this process either to alter their hairline or to treat the problem of baldness or hair fall. One question which most of the patients ask is how many grafts are required for hair transplant surgery? No doubt, this factor is really important for effective results and so that maximum coverage can be achieved.

    Graft requirement in case of a totally bald patient

    Every case of the patient is different which means the extent of hair loss and its reason will be totally different. Moreover, the Hair Transplant Cost in India is comparatively low as compared to other places. There might be some patients who are totally bald so how graft numbers will be determined.

    • In this case, graft availability is around 6000 in the donor area which can be taken from any area for transplantation.
    • This means the patient is included in type 5 and the size of the balding area is around 200cm2. Further, it can be divided into two parts: front half and hairline (100cm2) and crown area and back half (100cm2).
    • There are two options available, in first, the grafts can be distributed evenly and the density will be around 30FU/cm2. However, this option is not recommended by the surgeons because the result is not great. In second, 200 grafts can be put on the back half and in the front half 4000 grafts are placed. This creates a better look and it also looks natural. Generally, around 2 to 3 sessions are required to effectively transplant the grafts.

    Graft requirement for specific hair loss

    • Crown area

    The crown area is around 60 to 100cm2. The surgeon makes sure they don’t place too many grafts in this area. On average, around 800 to 1200 grafts are placed so that the bold spot is covered properly. If the graft for the front is not enough than not more than this are transplanted.

    • Hairline area

    Sometimes the patient comes when the problem has just started at the hairline. This area is around 10cm2 to 30cm2. The graft requirement depends on whether the hair fall is very less or if the hairline needs to bring down. In most cases, around 800 to 1500 grafts are required to transplant hair follicles on the hairline. In case if it includes temporal points then 150 grafts are more added.

    • Front third area

    This includes the hairline as well as the central core and it is around 70cm2. On average, around 2000 to 2500 grafts are required. It is essential that proper density is given so that it looks natural.

    • Front two third area

    This area is approximately 120cm2 and on average, around 300 to 400 grafts are required.

    If you are facing problem then you should consult the doctor for the treatment as they will tell you better about the entire procedure. Even if you any queries they will guide you in a better way as well as in detail.

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