Fundamentals of hair transplant - Meaning, Approaches, Do’s and Don’ts

Fundamentals of hair transplant – Meaning, Approaches, Do’s and Don’ts

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    Fundamentals of hair transplant – Meaning, Approaches, Do’s and Don’ts

    The patients who are taking the hair transplant in Vizag are getting highly satisfied with the results. For this reason, the number of people who want to get aware of the procedure is arising. So this blog is for all those people who want to know about the hair transplant procedure in-depth but in brief.

    Hair transplant..what and why?


    Hair transplantation is one of the hair restoration procedures in which the effort is induced to make the hair loss patient experience the hard full of hair follicles. There are some approaches to the hair transplant which are as follow:

    • FUE

    • FUT

    • Bio FUE

    The choice of the procedures will be done based on the medical condition and the previous hair transplant history of the patient.

    For example, there is a patient who has undergone unsuccessful FUT Treatment. So he decided to take the hair transplant procedure again. So will he be able to take FUT again? well…Not. He will be considered eligible for the FUE and Bio FUE procedure.

    In which situations would you be taking up the hair transplant procedure?

    You should be opting up for the procedure if the reason for the hair loss is any of the following:

    • The commencement of the bald patches

    • The age-related hair loss problem

    • The genetically triggered hair loss

    What takes place during the hair transplant?

    Following things take place before and after hair transplant:

    • Pre-surgery period

    When it is about the pre-surgery period, then the patient has to abide by several instructions for ensuring the success rate of the procedure.

    • During the procedure

    When the procedure is being carried out, then the doctor will surely incorporate two steps – Extraction and transplantation. The extracted hair follicles will be transplanted. The differentiation in the procedure is because of the different techniques which are used for extraction and transplantation.

    • After the procedure

    Once the procedure has been successfully carried out, then you should not be getting too happy with that since the ultimate determination of the output of the procedure will be done after the recovery period.

    Which are the useful tips for the successful accomplishment of the procedure?

    If one wants to make the procedure successful with zero complications, then you should be following the subsequent dos and don’ts.


    • Bathing

    You can take the body bath but you will not be allowed to take a head-bath for 4 to 5 days after the procedure.

    • Pain killers

    You should be taking the pain killer if the pain is mild. You should only take them if the pain is getting unendurable.

    • Dietary consciousness

    One should be following some of the dietary measures to ensure that nothing becomes a hindrance to the blood supply.


    • No sweat causing activity

    You should get yourself restrained from the sweat causing activities since wetness is not at all advisable for your scalp for the initial stage of the recovery.

    • No stress

    You should not be making yourself stressed. Stress delays the recovery and thus the output is also affected in terms of quality.