bio enhanced hair transplant Vizag

    What is a Bio Enhanced Hair Transplantation and explain its benefits?

    A hair transplant in Vizag is specially designed for those with extreme hair loss or bald spots. Hair loss is caused due to several reasons, including certain medications, hair styling products, taking too much stress, and so on. If you are one of them, then you need to talk to a doctor, so that you can get a piece of knowledge about treatment options to treat hair fall.

    Hair transplant surgery has two types such as Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation. No doubt, both treatment options are beneficial to treat hair loss and you can get the desired results, but discussing with a hair transplant specialist may help you to find the new option to get rid of hair fall.

    Well, you can also go with bio enhanced hair transplants, because it is specially designed to offer you the best results. Let’s try to understand this treatment option.

    What is a Bio Enhanced Hair Transplant?

    A bio enhanced hair transplant uses PRP therapy to treat hair loss. People who are ideal to get both hair transplantation methods such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE) are great candidates for bio enhanced because it is helpful to improve the treatment’s outcomes. With this treatment, you can simply or easily heal without any problem.

    About PRP Therapy

    PRP therapy is known as Platelet Rich Plasma, which is designed to improve recovery and results of transplantation methods. In this process, your surgeon collects your blood and then separates the plasma cells to infuse at the affected areas of the scalp. With PRP therapy, you can heal faster, or it encourages better hair growth.

    Candidates for Bio Enhanced Hair Transplant

    As we mentioned above, people who are ideal to get FUE and FUT hair transplant are able to undergo Bio enhanced hair transplant surgery to treat hair fall.

    Benefits of Bio enhanced hair transplant

    Every hair transplant method has several benefits, and this bio enhanced method also has millions of benefits, which are explained below-:

    Increased Number of hair grafts for transplantation

    Patients who are going to get bio enhanced hair transplants usually have more hair grafts or follicular for the transplantation process.

    Improved Healing process and reduced Recovery Times

    As we stated above, bio-enhanced hair transplant is beneficial to improve the healing process. You need to follow all the instructions of your surgeon and this treatment method offers you the best post-operative healing experience. 

    Grow natural looking hair

    Similarly, as FUT and FUE, bio-enhanced hair transplant method also results in natural-looking hair growth. No one can guess the area where you get hair transplantation, because new hair completely matches your previous hair.

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