10 Best Hair Transplant Centres in Vizag

10 Best Hair Transplant Centres in Vizag

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    10 Best Hair Transplant Centres in Vizag

    10 Recommended Centers to visit for hair transplant in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

    Different states and different places have different best surgeons who are undergoing the process of hair transplant surgery.

    1. Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre

    He deals with Hair transplant in men, hair transplant in women, FUE surgery, Facial hair transplant, Follicular hair transplant, Unit by unit technique, Revision hair transplant, Giga sessions, Body hair transplant, etc.

    This is the most popular cosmetology and hair transplant centre in Visakhapatnam. The chief surgeon in this clinic is Dr. C. Vijay Kumar is one of the most well-known cosmetologists and transplant surgeon. He did almost 1000+ cosmetic surgeries as well as hair transplant surgeries with their ability and well training. Since he has experience of more than 20 years which no one has in Visakhapatnam in cosmology. He is running his hair transplant and cosmetology centre since 1983.
    Moreover, if you are thinking to get hair transplant surgery from Visakhapatnam then you must visit Dr. Vijay Kumar because he is well experienced who gives you the best results.

    1. Scala Skin & Hair TransplantScala skin and hair transplant centre is famous among people because they perform the surgery with careful consideration which offers you the best results in the future. They firstly examine your health condition and then start their procedure so that it cannot harm you in the future.
    1. Dr Srinivas Rao M

    Doctor Srinivas Rao is MBBS and MCH. He deals with and specialises in body hair transplant, eyebrow hair transplant, female baldness pattern, male baldness pattern, FUT, scalp  and hair micro pigmentation and hair growth laser and mesotherapy.

    1. Sri Gayatri skin care and hair transplant centre

    This is the hair transplant and skin care centre which offers you best results with the goal to treat hair loss. The chief surgeon in this centre is Dr.K.Venkatachalam who did many types of researches in this field. That’s why this the second most popular centre in Visakhapatnam.

    1. GJ hospitals

    Gj hospital is famous among people near to clinic because they took treatment from this centre. They said the surgeon is too polite and helpful who guides them about post-care instructions as well.

    1. Hair Harmony And YouThis is also one of the leading clinics of hair transplant surgery in Visakhapatnam. You should visit them if you are struggling to treat your hair fall problem. But you are failed to cure this condition, that’s why this is recommended.
    1. Dr Raju hair transplantation and Restoration centre

    The chief surgeon in this centre is Dr. Raju who is well qualified and trained. He did about 200 surgeries in his life because he is running his centre for many years.

    1. GHT Hair Transplant Clinic

    GHT hair transplant clinic was started in 1997 which is now one of the best centre in Visakhapatnam. The chief surgeon in this hair transplantation clinic is DR. K. VENKATA CHALAM, who did MBBS, MD.

    1. Transhair hair transplantation clinicThis is the best hair transplantation clinic because the surgeon at there is well-qualified and trained. They will give you the best treatment if you are thinking to visit them in the future in order to get treatment for your problems.
    1. DR. JAYA’s Exult Aesthetic Clinic

    This is the clinic focus of many problems such as Hair fall treatment and some other types of scalp problems. They offer you treatment for male pattern baldness, hair fall, female pattern baldness, and so on. Moreover, the chief surgeon of this centre is DR. SRINIVAS RAO M, who has many years experience.