How Hair Transplant Can Change your Look

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    How Hair Transplant Can Change your Look

    Visakhapatnam: We all want to look good in every phase of life. When we are young, it is not much of a problem. Our skin glows and our hair is shiny and abundant. However, as we age, things do not remain the same. Our skin starts losing elasticity and the effect on hair can also be seen.

    We start losing hair more than ever, leading to baldness. Sometimes thinning of hair goes unobserved and the damage is done when we start noticing it. While men tend to lose hair differently, women register some other signs. Men start losing their hair along the hairline which proceeds to hair loss in the areas of the middle and back of the head. Women don’t start balding like men but witness thinning of hair and broadening of the parting. Whoever is affected in whichever way, it is certainly not good news.

    Over the counter, medicines are available which claim to be quite effective in controlling hair loss. Cosmetics, oils, and gels also claim to reverse the process. PRP technique is also said to be effective in dealing with the situation.  It has been around for decades but the popularity has caught on in the recent years after a spate of celebrities opted for it and came out with stunning results. If you reside in south India, then it will be ideal to have a Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam at Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre. See for yourself the magic it does to your hair.

    Hair Transplant fact file

    The term emerges from the fact that this procedure is related to the transplant of hair follicles from 1 area of the scalp to another area. The procedure is based on the fact that certain areas of the head are less prone to hair loss due to being resistant to DHT.

    DHT is a derivate of testosterone hormone which causes hair loss. The areas near the ear and the at the back of the head are resistant to this hormone, therefore, don’t get affected by the hair loss pattern seen in the crown and middle of the head.

    The basic cycle of Hair Transplant consists of marking the donor and the recipient areas. While the site facing hair loss is called the recipient site, the site with abundant hair is called the donor site. The next step involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area and grafting them onto the recipient area. The grafted hair stays for some days and then sheds. New hair strands grow from the area after some time and the person can treat them the way he treats natural hair.

    Types of Hair Transplant

    Hair Transplant can be done in two ways


    It is the method that uses the strip method for grafting. After extraction of a strip of the scalp containing hair from the donor area .the follicles are extracted from this strip and transplanted to the recipient area.


    In this method, the hair follicles are extracted using small punches from the donor area. The grafts are then transplanted to the recipient area. This method results in less scarring as compared to FUT.