What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

This is how a hair transplant procedure must be!

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    This is how a hair transplant procedure must be!

    People tell stories in their lives regarding their achievements, health, parents, love matters, and so on. As we all know that hair loss is spreading at a faster rate today, some people have stories to tell regarding their hair transplant procedures.

    A hair transplant procedure is a combination of many skills that a surgeon and his technicians have to deploy on your scalp from the beginning to the end. However, many have sad stories to tell about their hair transplant procedures because of a poor postoperative treatment, botched surgeries, and lack of artistry.

    From here, we get to phrase the right story of your hair transplant in India. This should be the systematic flow of events or procedures to tell the best story.

    Having selected the clinic, you will have a consultation where you have to give details like

    • I am or I am not a smoker

    • I am physically fit and healthy or not

    • I am on these medications or not

    • The surgeon will also examine your scalp and specify the number of hair follicles needed.

    One week to your hair transplant

    • You will stop certain drugs like blood thinners and multivitamins, but you will automatically take other medications as the doctor would have allowed you

    • You won’t need to cut your hair at least for a month.

    • Avoid alcohol and smoking

    • You will have to look back to into your pockets to ensure that you have the required cash. A hair transplant cost in India usually runs from Rs. 35, 000 to RS.95, 000, but am sure you may have concluded with the best cost during the consultation.

    The day of the procedure

    In most cases, some patients are unaware of what goes on (on the scalp) since general anesthesia is at times used. Today’s procedures can also be conducted with just the numbing of your scalp and you won’t feel anything on your scalp. This is what the surgeon will be doing;

    • Extract hair follicles individually using a micropunch. He will use a magnifier to extract the grafts to properly remove them

    • He will make small incisions in the recipient region after which, he will aesthetically insert in the hair follicles in the right direction, angle and pattern

    After the procedure

    • There will be itching, swelling at times, but they will all go away

    • Expect the transplanted hairs to fall out during the first month and this is completely normal

    After the 5 months

    This is the time to evaluate your hairline, how the hair grows and so on. If the post-operative period was gentle, am sure you will be rest assured that the hair will further grow as expected

    After 1 year, you will observe that your hair has grown to a better length, natural and just how you want it to be.

    Am sure from this, you will be able to tell a perfect story of your hair transplant procedure. Just make sure to find the right clinic