Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Rhinoplasty Surgery: What is the purpose, procedure, risks, and recovery of Rhinoplasty?

    What is Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is explained as nose surgery which is usually designed to change the shape and appearance of the nose. This is the most common type of plastic surgery in which your surgeon modify the bone of your nose. There are several reasons for Rhinoplasty such as injury, birth defects, and people who are unhappy with their natural looking appearance.

    Rhinoplasty Procedure

    Rhinoplasty medical or cosmetic procedure is totally safe and secure because it is performed in a doctors’ clinic. And he has the right tools and types of equipment which are necessary to perform this treatment. Your surgeon will perform this treatment under local anesthesia because you may feel some discomfort and pain. Or he may give you medications in order to reduce the pain. It is necessary to awake during the whole process.

    After completions these basic treatments your surgeon will make some little incisions between your nostrils in order to treat the affected area. After this, he will separate your skin from the cartilage and then start the re-shaping process. Moreover, if you need any extra bone, then he will remove it from your ear and then implant to the affected area. This procedure is totally safe and secure because it has no side effects and gives you the best results.

    Risks of Rhinoplasty procedure

    All the cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments have come with some risks and complications such as bleeding, swelling, and infection around treated area. In addition, some people encounter some other complications, for example, a numb nose, nosebleeds, scars, and breathing difficulties. But this is not common in all the patients, only a few patients experience these type of risks and complication. But the majority of people are satisfied with this treatment because they experience a new and attractive look.

    Recovery from Rhinoplasty procedure

    You can discharged the same day of surgery But you will not able to drive a car or other vehicle so you should call someone in order to reach home.

    Your doctor will recommend you proper rest with the goal to reduce pain, swelling, and bleeding. In addition, you need dressings for a week because you encountered small incisions.

    Your surgeon may suggest to avoid some heavyweight exercises, running, swimming, blowing your nose, and extreme chewing. Additionally, he may also recommend you to avoid laughing, smiling, or other facial expressions that require lots of movement, and vigorous tooth brushing. And you should also avoid direct sunlight because it can harm your nose and nearby areas. You should be able to return your daily routine work and school.

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