Don’t make these mistakes after undergoing hair transplant treatment

    Hair loss: Common yet significantly increasing concern

    Most individuals who talk about the hair loss problem are always searching for a way to address the same. One of the surveys has shown that men and women both suffer from hair loss having difficulty addressing the condition. When you search for hair fall control treatment, you will come to the approach that helps to increase the customer satisfaction rate. Do you know ‘HOW?’

    The ever-increasing popularity of hair transplant treatment plays an important part in addressing the concern. That means with the hair transplant in Vizag, your hair loss condition can be easily managed. No doubt, the surgical procedure helps to offer long-lasting results with the major aim of making the client satisfaction rate go higher. So, the outcomes and technical approach of the treatment make everything work effectively.

    Follow greater care following hair transplant

    A hair transplant is an elite choice in terms of hair loss. Everything will be simply exceptional, from the method of performing the surgery to its end results. The surgeon’s skills are the biggest factor in extracting and transplant hair grafts in the desired place. Additionally, the surgeon ensures the surgery with the latest approach helps you to recover faster, see the hair growth in the desired period, and have the ease to make the wound heal faster.

    Don’t do these things after a hair transplant

    Don’ts: Avoid getting out in the sun

    The hair transplant areas should not get in close exposure to the sun. If you have essential work to carry out, better cover your newly transplanted hair follicles. You must take proper care for around 8 to 10 months after surgery. Being mindful of every small factor ensures the hair transplant cost in Andhra Pradesh get’s to be used to the fullest by seeing the best possible results.

    Don’ts: Incision care goes a long way

    Incision care is crucial to increasing the success of hair transplant. When it heals on time, there won’t be any sort of major health concern that you have to go through. So, please ensure you follow proper hygiene and self-care as told by the surgeon.

    Don’ts: Do not wear anything tight-fitted or wigs

    A tight cap, wigs weaves, and anything properly fitted should be avoided after the surgery. If something gets rubbed against the newly transplanted hair follicles, then it increases the possibility of damaging the hair follicles. The unwanted or excess traction won’t allow the follicles to grow as they should.

    Don’ts: Don’t ignore any medication

    You have to take all the necessary medications as prescribed by the doctor. Intake of these on time and in precise amounts ensures better results, faster recovery, and reduced chances of errors. In case you are allergic to a specific medication or have a problem having the same, do inform the doctor. Our doctor will change the medication and ensure you are all informed when you visit VJ Clinics.


    • Don’t use hair dryers
    • Don’t drink alcohol
    • Don’t smoke

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